Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I have been having more fun creating more comfort dolls. I think my inner child is peaking through. I found this wonderful little stamp for the faces on these. They look like they are thinking about some special thing, don't you think?
I am putting two pictures up because " Miss Daffodil" has objected to having only half a face in the first photo. WHeewwee! LOL They do develop attitudes... Now to finish dressing them!


Larna Ezzy said...

Sharon, I love their shape, starlike aren't they, and the faces have so much expression. Very cute. Good work. I will get on to making some soon.

Pat Winter said...

Oh are these adorable!!!! Don't you love that little face? Your inner child has definitely taken over...yeah!!!

Sharon said...

Larna, Thanks! They are fun to make and for such a good cause. Sharon

Sharon said...

Pat the birthday gal,I am definitely in trouble. Watch for new pics of the group. Hope to finish soon. Sharon