Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Has Sprung...

 I can't believe it has been almost two months 
since my last post. Sorry but I've been kind of 
out of it with my back. Have been in physical therapy
for some time now and it is exhausting. But well 
worth it. Anyway it has been a very warm winter. Kind of strange
with no snow and very little rain. My magnolia is 
blooming early this year and I just love it.
Have managed to keep the shop in town
filled with cards.

 and of course my Rascally Bunny cards with his 
chick friends.

 On my way home from town I had to take this
picture of Mt. Si nearing sundown. I live in a
beautiful place.
I shall try to be better with blogging. Just can't believe
how time flies when your having fun. LOL

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Have been eating lots of crab lately.

Just experimenting with new ideas.

New ideas and new colors.
Adding a little sea salt. Love the results.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Just Painting Cards, Bookmarks & Decluttering

Valentines Day is just around the corner, so it's time for a few hearts.
Bookmarks are a nice little gift.

I am finally able to start with the word I picked for 2015.
I am being brutal this time around, especially with my clothes.
I have so many jackets I don't wear and I know there
 are people who would love them and need them.
My life style has changed and no use for business
clothes. So out they go to women looking for jobs.
Once I get through the clothes the kitchen is next.
I figure when I get through those  I shall be ready to conquer 
my sewing room and finally my studio. (that one will be hard)
But declutter I will.
Wish me luck.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'm Back Sort Of..................

I have been right here. Yup. Just had a
little hiccup. Have had to have my leg
above my heart for 2 weeks. (They didn't
tell me that until the day of surgery)
On Dec.30th I had surgery after 
 a biopsy I had on Dec.16th
came back positive for cancer. So I scheduled
 the surgery for the 30th. All went well and 
my son took very good care of me. Gained 
a little weight but am working on that now.
All is well and the second biopsy is clear.
Now this was skin cancer on my leg and not the
really bad kind but they did leave me with
a 4 inch battle scare. It was a tiny spot I found,
but the Dr. said it may be tiny on the 
surface and larger under the skin. Why am I
telling you all this. I just want you all to really 
watch  and check your skin. If you are told it's nothing
but your not feeling right about it, CHECK it out with
a doctor that deals with this. It's better to be safe than sorry.
Enough lectures, want you to see the lads and how they
stood watch over me.
 Checking me out
 Falling down on the job.
Guarding me with his eyes closed.
They seemed to know that something wasn't right.
What sweethearts they were along with my son who went 
way beyond the call. I am now able to drive again. Only one more
week with a cane. I actually did a little painting today. I hope you all  
had a wonderful New Years, I was asleep.

Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Coming to Fast...But I'm Ready !!!

 The town of Snoqualmie is  all aglow

once again. Complete with an artificial
skating rink. 

I've been busy finishing up some gift card envelopes

And hoping you all will have a Merry good time.
My Christmas birds are all aglow!
Last but certainly not least the lads discussing
if Santa would be coming soon.

Wishing you all a holiday filled with peace and joy ! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Getting All Decked Out

 Just getting started with all the traditional things  we celebrate every year. The Santa in the
picture with the deer, we call Broken Santa as he was broken in one of my many moves. I have had him since my childhood and broken or not I love him and would never not have him on the tree.
 The front hall is filled with lots of treasures and beautiful memories. Gifts from 
friends, some who are no longer with us but their memories warm ones heart.
 And giggles from the powder room when people come upon 
my merry mice. I found them on a trip up to Whistler BC and fell
in love with them.
The tree is up and we are still decorating it. 
Yes decorating all but the bottom part as 
Max and Cooper wanted to remove ornaments as
they were being put on. They sure are wide eyed
and fascinated with everything.
Today it was actually 50 degrees out, snow is all gone.
The storm we had a week ago brought down lots
of evergreen boughs, so today Cooper and Max helped me collect
lots of boughs and we are filling the outdoor pots with them.
They smell wonderful and I truly love decorating from
what nature gives us.
Today was wonderful and I hope yours was too!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sunny But Cold...Very Cold

Thanksgiving Day
We drove over to Snoqualmie Falls and couldn't believe how
full and furious they were.
Lots of neat things growing in the woods that day.
Then the weather changed and we had at least 4 inches of 
snow here on the property. The deer and elk came looking for food Not as much snow down in town.

The sun came out but it has yet to come above freezing.
I guess I'll wait to get my greens from the woods.
I am hopeful about getting out tomorrow.
Have packages to mail and food to get.
Hope your weather is a bit warmer.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Woke up to this

 and it is still snowing!
Here is a little video of

They sure thought it was fun.
Now I need a cup of coffee.!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cooper and Max Just Wanted To Say...

This will be their first and I anxiously await what happens.
We usually put the tree up for Christmas and that should be
interesting to say the least.
We hope you all have a great day!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Need To Get a Move On.!!!

I have done no shopping but at least I have finished some cards and

The weather has finally come up a few degrees.
They are calling for snow in the pass just above us.
So I better hop to and get my shopping done. My 
son has returned from Kyoto and has wonderful
pictures. Things have sure changed from when I
was there some 47 years ago. But the beautiful
gardens are still there.
Have a great weekend and stay warm.
I can't stop thinking of all the people in
those horrendous snowstorms in the East.
Stay safe. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


They said it was coming and I caught this shot
from my living room window 2 days ago. They 
said we wouldn't get anything from this giant
storm, that it would be east of us.
I woke at1AM to no power and high winds of
50 mpr and more. I could hear things
 crashing and falling outside. When
daylight came, still no power and freezing cold.
I put the puppies in some sweaters that were suppose to 
be Teddy's gifts last Christmas. For those who don't
know Teddy was my precious Bichon who passed away
right before Christmas. The sweaters are a little big but
they helped. Outside the wind was still gusting and the temps were
still dropping. I went from window to window and saw the 
destruction. My beautiful cedar arbor which was new was now in 
pieces on the ground (and it had been anchored to bricks).
Tree branches. lawn furniture all strewn  about.
Talking to a neighbor on the road below, she said trees had come down
on the power lines and had started two fires. She is still without
power. Mine came back on around noon.

 They huddled together all day and were terrified from the 
sounds of the wind howling outside.
On a cheery note I finished making my own envelopes
Here they are waiting for the glue to dry.

Some of the finished ones.

And some cards all finished , packaged and 
ready to go.
Figured since there were trees hanging over the power lines
on the road, I'd stay home and finish some projects.
I even cleaned my big desk top.
They say we are in for it again tonight so maybe 
I'll get more done. You never know.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Catching Up Again

 It all started with the removal of their lovely
head gear after 2 long (and I mean looong) 

OK mom we have been clipped,snipped and chipped
and we have been sooooo good. Can we go out and
play in the leaves?
Well OK but it is starting to rain so you must 
stay close.

So out we went and the little devils took off and 
disappeared into the woods. Now it was really
raining. I called and called to no avail. So off I went
up the hill after them when I realized I was 
running (or trying to) up a hill filled with moss.
Yup down I went and when I landed I just kept going
down hill until I hit the gravel driveway. I really
struggled to get up and I was soaking wet and full 
of moss and mud, not to mention a little gravel too.
I limped to the house and sounded the air horn. Low and behold
here comes the pups over the hill at rapid speed.
They took one look at me, sniffed me then bowed their heads.
Off to jail with you two. 
But mom we didn't hear you calling and it was so
much fun to romp free of those helmets you made
us wear. Really mom....... and on and on.
I limped upstairs put my bruised and battered body
in the shower and some warm clothes, not to mention
slathering on some Arnica gel for pain relief.
So today I woke with a nasty cold and cough.
Not to mentioned a bruised body and sore muscles.
Needless to say the pups are taking care of me. LOL
I have the feeling you will see a lot
more of the above photo.