Monday, January 2, 2017

Happy 2017!

A chilly 21 degrees welcoming in the new year.
But oh so beautiful!
Spending the day reading, painting and telling myself to
(thought by using caps, I might actually start to do it)
Happy New Year Everyone.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Wishing You a Merry Holiday

Weather has turned cold again
so we may have a white
Have fun and enjoy this special
time of the year!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Life Just Gets in the Way Sometimes

Hi and yes I have not put anything on the blog 
since July. Not that there wasn't anything to 
"bark" about...actually there was just to much going on. I  
decided to have the house totally redone on the outside.
it took a great deal of time to find the right company to do
the job. They are glass blasting all the logs right down,
removing all the stain and redoing the whole thing. This is really a process.
We had one more day of blasting and things ground to a halt
do to freezing weather and then unexpected snowwwwwwww!
On top of all this I had cataract surgery on Thursday and driving was
not good. But my son came to the rescue again.  The surgery was a lot easier
than I thought it would be, with great results.
I guess I won't be working in the yard today.LOL But it sure is
beautiful. It is turning to rain and then back to snow later.
I have been busy painting cards and making journals for the local shops
and Etsy.

an enjoying the Christmas lighting over in
Snoqualmie. I shall try to be more prolific with
my blogging.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Finished Paintings for the Art Walk

"Figs" watercolor on tengucho papers 

 "Mountains" mixed media

 "Forest" mixed media

 "Ocean" mixed media

 "Red Bicycle" watercolor   (sold)

"Floats" acrylics

What a fun beautiful warm sunny night for the Art Walk in Snoqualmie.
My paintings are at the Bindlestick.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

I am a New Lady...............!

Flowers from my dear friends in town

                                                      I have been away but not by choice...
                                                  On Fathers Day my son and I were walking
  1. up our long driveway when I had to stop
  2. because I started having pains in my chest and having trouble
  3. catching my breath. Then my mouth went numb.
  4. So he drove me to emergency and they thought I
  5. was having a heart attack. So by ambulance to the big city hospital.
  6. Tests after tests came back normal but the
  7. cardiologist were not buying it and wanted to do an 
  8. angioplasty. So they scheduled it and had surgery the 
  9. next day where they found a 99% percent blockage.
  10. Long story short I have a shiny new stent inside me 
  11. and I am now feeling much more better.
  12. Glad to be alive!!!! 
  13. I usually don't write about all this stuff but I felt there
  14. were a few things I could point out.
  15.  For weeks I was always feeling tired.
  16. I had had some chest pain but thought it was
  17. acid reflux.
  18. My jaw had been sore on the right side for 
  19. some time.
  20. I was winded going up the stairs.
  21. My complexion was pale.
  23. I just didn't add it all up. I had had a physical
  24.  and all was fine. So ladies be aware our 
  25. symptoms are not the same as men's.
  26. I was so lucky that my son was there, that the
  27.  doctors were not fooled by my first set of tests
  28. and it was caught in time.
  29. So take the time to listen to your body.
                                                                  It will pay off big time.
  1. I am anxious to get back to painting. 
  2. Sorry about the numbers on the left. This happened once
  3.  before and I can't remember how to get them GONE.....!*** :-( 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Where Did May Go................

 Wow we are into June already. My Dogwood is heavy with beautiful blooms.
At night they light up the  yard magically. 
 Over in Snoqualmie  the train running again on its summer
schedule and is fun to watch especially the children.
 I was asked to do some Fathers Day cards. Why I always 
equate fathers day and fish I don't know...but I like this fish 
as he is very colorful.
So I made some funny and some serious cards.
 I survived by the skin of my teeth finishing up
Every Day In May for the sixth year in a row.
I had so much going on this year it was hard to keep up.
But so worth it in the end. Can't wait for year seven for me.
The first year I made a case for my work and after that
the next five years were made into books.
I know, I know you've seen this before...
but I need a nap now!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mothers Day at Kubota Garden

 My son took me to the Kubota Garden in Seattle for a 
mothers day stroll. We spent hours there just marveling
at this beautiful peaceful place.
Fujitaro Kubota (born 1879 in Shikoku Island, Japan)
emigrated to the US in 1907 and started the garden in 
1927,  The garden was completed in 1962.  Fujitaro Kubota
passed away in 1973 at the age of 94.
 I am totally amazed at all that this one man completed. It is 
now a historical landmark. It was acquired by the
 city of Seattle from the Kubota family in 1987.
 I found it to be so peaceful and beautiful it was
hard to leave.There were so many pathways to 
travel .So many bridges and waterfalls, ponds,
magnificent stones and unusual plants.
 My photos do not do it justice.
Many Koi all different colors.
What a wonderful day with my son. He is a keeper.
I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Friday, April 29, 2016

New Cards and Gift Tags

Cards are on Etsy and gift tags are at local shops
and I am going to take a nap!
More later it has been a very l-o-n-g week.
Have a fun weekend everybody.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Continued from Last Post.

More of the old but glorious cherry tree.

So many big blossums,

Purple mini rhodie

A lovely peach rhodie with bell shaped flowers.

My favorite "face flowers" the pansies. I worried 
about them as one day it was very warm and the next
morning they were covered in snow. :-(


The flower in this photo belongs on a 
ground cover that spreads quickly. 
Has varigated leaves and I use them in some of my pots as
they trail nicely. Can't remember the name, sorry.
I had them in a garden and they took over so ripped 
some out and tossed them in part of our shady woods. I underline
tossed and two years later they had become a lush ground cover.
Last but not least the start of my crimson azalea patch.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Dogs, TV Commercials and Spring has Sprung

 Don't they look like angels.......NOT
Max has become addicted to TV commercials involving dogs.
He gets so excited watching, then trys to figure out where they went 
when the commercial is over. Barks and howls begin.....

 He wakes poor Cooper up... "whats going mom, is Max OK?"

But then the next day they want to help me weed. Such
sweet little munchkins, until the next dog on TV.
Max loves the Heinz commercial with weiner dogs in buns
running for the ketchup and mustard. Where do they come up 
with this stuff.
On another note Spring is here. So I wandered about the
property shooting photos of early flowers and my wonderful 
very old cherry tree.
I rescued this tree some twenty plus years ago and brought 
it here to Wildflower. It was old then, but every year it puts on a show.
For some reason blogger won't let me post more pictures .... so
there will have to be a part two. If anyone knows why, let me know.
Til then tootles and may the sun shine down on you all.