Thursday, October 19, 2017

Wow Time Flys....

It is October... what happened to August and September...
Looking out at the rain and beautiful colors mother nature
has painted my backyard, I have come to realize I am one 
person and I can't do it all.
It has been eleven months of working on the exterior of 
my log home.  I have learned from all of this....
don't build such a huge house, don't build a gigantic deck to go 
with the large house, don't create so many gardens on your ten plus acres.
I should be famous for the number of weeds I have pulled and I am not done yet.
As the weather turns wet and cold I will be starting on the inside.

My two little buddies had to be shaved down as they were developing matts and 
I couldn't get a brush through their hair. So now they have new coats to keep them warm
while we wait for their fur to grow back. 
Not spoiled at all....
They have been troopers through all the work on the house. They
had to greet all the workmen every morning when they arrived.

How I found time for painting I don't know.  I think it was my 
salvation and time to get lost from all that was going on around me.

 A few of my new bookmarks.

and a few small paintings.

I have had time to think about life and what I want.
One thing for sure is I don't want a lot of "stuff". I  am going to be downsizing 
so I am going through everything and downsizing my belongings.

I have quietly been visiting all the blogs I follow just so I know what's going on with all of you.
Not much time to leave messages but am hoping to change that.
I have been trying to keep up with my walking, thanks to my Fitbit ( it reminds me all the time).
We had so many wildfires here this summer that walking had to be put on hold or inside due to the smoke.
I will try to be more  "here on the blog" in the future.
Happy Fall everyone.


Barbra Joan said...

Well Sharon, so good to see you! and the kids too. Your paintings are still lovely of course. and yes you need to do more.

Your post reminds me of 20 years ago when I moved to my 75 year old 'dream house' a cottage on the lake and a couple acres. I never seemed to finish. Gardens and 'stuff' all over.. But I wouldn't have changed any of it.
Keep painting, it's good for the mind, soul and body.

It's me said...

Love your bookmarks...especially That kast happy weekend from me Ria x

Anonymous said...

Happy Fall to you too! Your babies look so cute in their little red coats! They look so much like the sweet pup I had years ago, miss him so much. But I have three spoiled rotten Maine Coon kitties now and they make our lives so happy. I cannot imagine living without animals, I like them more than most people! Your painting is so pretty, do you still do any stitching? I have a couple of your earlier pieces. I’ll bet it is gorgeous where you live. Glad the fires didn’t get that far, so sad, Good to hear from you.

Loves from The Queen (Marcy in Atlanta)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Good to see you and the little buddies back here. We miss the fun and pretties you share. Your house project sounds incredible - and the weeds, oh the weeds, I've not been able to garden in the ground for some years now so my weeds are least are confined to pots on the deck - which are easy to corral. Happy weekend - enjoy the beautiful colors.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - it is so good to see you again. Wow I loved your autumn picture...just what I needed to see - glorious color. Your bookmarks and painting are absolutely wonderful. As for your two boys - they are sure looking good in those red sweaters. Glad to know you are safe in spite of the wildfires. Understand about that down-sizing and too much to take care of part...What we do in our minds is not always what our bodies want to do :)!! Take care and don't over work friend. Hugs!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Glad to hear all is well, Sharon. I'm constantly watching videos on the tiny house movement. Could never be a minimalist but definitely need to get rid of all the stuff we aren't using. It takes so much time to go through it all and sometimes tough to decide what to do with it all. Good luck with the process. Your furbabies sure are cute in their little coats. And your bookmarks are quite lovely. Take care!