Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Where I have Been Walking and What I've been Doing.

This is Mount Si in the background and  Tollgate Farm in the
front. It is a wonderful place to get your walking , running,
etc. in.They have gravel paths around the farm area with 
informative placards of the history of the place.
I try to get there early before the heat of the day or in the evening
when it starts to cool down. They still raise cows in the center of the
park. I have fallen in love with a sweet calf. I use treking poles so she seems to 
know when I am there and she comes for a pet. She is precious with her long
 eyelashes and sweet face. Anyway I have been trekking every day and 
really enjoying it.
I also have been painting. Trying to keep up with my cards and a few
larger paintings. That and still working on the house every day. I will 
be happy to finish that project.

I hope you all are having a wonderful summer.
I try to get to all your posts when I crawl into bed
each night. Checking up on all of you is better than
any tv lately. Til next time....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful place! Your painting keeps getting better and better, love the colors!
Loves from The Queen

Barbra Joan said...

Hello Sharon, so good to see you here and know what your up to .. yes you still painting and keeping busy. That's good..
I'm off to read some of your other posts. Take care .

Createology said...

Lovely way to begin or end a day with a lovely walk about and a sweet calf to enjoy. Looks like a beautifully peaceful place to walk. Love your paintings annd cards. Nothing happening on our Home and Property except lots of work and expense on our part. Now I am spending most of my days watering and tending to the new sod and seeded lawn. Still ZERO persons to visit or put in offers on our place. I think we are doomed to just live here for our duration. Enjoy your walks and painting dear. <3

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Sharon what a gorgeous place for walking. So glad to see your lovely art too. As always your painting cheers my heart. Hugs!