Saturday, December 10, 2016

Life Just Gets in the Way Sometimes

Hi and yes I have not put anything on the blog 
since July. Not that there wasn't anything to 
"bark" about...actually there was just to much going on. I  
decided to have the house totally redone on the outside.
it took a great deal of time to find the right company to do
the job. They are glass blasting all the logs right down,
removing all the stain and redoing the whole thing. This is really a process.
We had one more day of blasting and things ground to a halt
do to freezing weather and then unexpected snowwwwwwww!
On top of all this I had cataract surgery on Thursday and driving was
not good. But my son came to the rescue again.  The surgery was a lot easier
than I thought it would be, with great results.
I guess I won't be working in the yard today.LOL But it sure is
beautiful. It is turning to rain and then back to snow later.
I have been busy painting cards and making journals for the local shops
and Etsy.

an enjoying the Christmas lighting over in
Snoqualmie. I shall try to be more prolific with
my blogging.


Createology said...

How timely to see your post right now...I was thinking of you earlier today and hoping all is well. Yes, Life certainly can get busy and in the way. I find my blogging time is almost non-existent. Our home and property are For Sale and if it doesn't kill me it is definitely taking all my time while I clean, sort, purge, organize and make our home appear as if no one lives here. So happy to hear of your excitements. Thankful your cataract surgery went well. Enjoy the Magic of Merry Christmas Dear.

Naturegrl (Diana) said...

Such beautiful snow - it looks like that here, but we're having sub-zero to teens for temps. What an ordeal to have the entire house re-done on the outside, but it will look like new when they're done! Glad to hear your cataract surgery went well. Were you afraid at all? I think I would/will be when that time comes. Colorful and pretty artwork, Sharon and lovely seasonal lights, too. Our dog Gyp is having more seizures, after five months of none. This time, however, she's had blindness after them, for up to an hour, which the vet says is common. But it's upsetting to us! The vet doubled her meds and explained she will likely never be seizure free, so we have a new normal with our sweet girl. She is enjoying the snow, as am I.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Goodness, hope you get your house all sorted out. Tis the season for wacky winter weather, that's for sure. Nice to see you are still creating your pretty cards. Take care and Happy holidays!

Deborah Nolan said...

Dear Sharon welcome back. Sure been missing you. Glad to read that your cataract surgery went well and you are busy creating lovely whimsical art. Your snow scene is gorgeous. Certainly puts one in the mood for Christmas. Have a great day. Hugs!

Vee said...

I didn't even know that blasting logs could be done. Interesting. Now I am wondering how cataract surgery and seeing colors more vividly might change your art. Think it might? That's kind of interesting, too. So glad that you are having great results and I am glad that you have a son who helps out. No man and no woman is an island... Thanks for popping by my place today to let me know that you are back. Welcome home!

Merry said...

You have been busy. Love the colours in your journal covers. The snow covered trees look pretty too.