Friday, December 12, 2008

A storm is on it's way

Today, I was going to stay home and finish up some projects. But I ran out of tags and special glue. So Teddy and I bundled up and headed to town. Of course no tags or glue here so on into Issaquah (only 25 miles away LOL). It was very stormy with 65 mile an hour winds and rain that was moving sideways. We got to town and I ran into get the glue and tags to find only 2 lights on in Michael's. They had had an outage. On the way home I went by Threadneedle Street, my most favorite little shop. The tiny little door lets you into a tiny little shop filled with treasures. I really have a hard time containing myself and my check book. The shop keeper is a delight. Always a smile and fun to chat with. Her shop has wonderful touches, such as lace curtains with roses entwined. But for such a tiny little shop it has so many wonderful things. I took some photos to show you. This is some of the needlepoints. Some threads! Silk & wool threads! And even more threads. OH it is a dream I am sure of that. Did I mention the charms and buttons. There is so much more. Too much to photograph. I made my purchase and headed home with Teddy bucking the wind & heavy rain the whole way. This called for a treat. I shall return with the treat in an hour or two. Stay tuned it's oh so good!!!!!


Laurie said...

OK Sharon, this is a little Heaven on earth! I LOVE stores like this. It's impossible to go in these and not spend money. I wish this one were near, I'd be there!

Laurie said...

Sharon, your post on the brownies didn't come through!

Sharon said...

Hi Laurie, Sorry about that. I published it and then found an error, so took it off to correct and must have hit save. But it's on now!!! It was snowing and I', like a kid on the first snow of the year.