Friday, January 30, 2009

Let Me Tell You This Was Some Friday....

Friday is suppost to be "my day for fun" . Well I like to snooze in on Fridays. Not today. At 5:26 AM I was awakened to a rumbling sound and then the back and forth swaying of a 4.6 earthquake. Teddy was barking, the cat Midnight was meowing and Tessla the cockateil had gone ballistic. All this in only 15 seconds.

It was a swaying earthquake not like the up and down Nisquali quake in 2001. It was over quickly but I was now fully awake surrounded by frightened animals. So up I got to tend to the crew. Once everyone was taken care of I got ready to meet the posse ( my 5 girlfriends) for brunch at Paneras. Yum. Then some shopping, most of you know the drill, Michael's, the fabric store, the bead shop, a few groceries, the pets treats and home. As I started home the wind picked up and it was getting colder by the minute. I hope no snow as I am snowed out. So far no after quakes of any noticeable size, so maybe the evening will be calm and quiet. Please...!


Beth L said...

oh my goodness I had no idea! I haven't seen the news all day...been busy with other things! But my Molly and Flossie were sure acting weird early this morning. They must have felt something, way over here.
hope you have a calm and quiet night tonight, and yes hopefully we're through with snow for a while! Give Chester some extra seeds for me!

beth said...

Sharon, you should have called. Ha Ha. I'm always up at that time to get ready for work. It seems so strange to have earthquakes in the winter. Glad your all ok.


Barb said...

You're in!!
Pass on the word about the giveaway.


Shellmo said...

Wow - glad it wasn't a more serious earthquake! And I loved how you spent the rest of your day w/ your posse!

Maggie R said...

Earthquakes too!! OMG... at least you have a lovely time the rest of the day..