Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh My Goodness, I've Been Tagged Twice!!

I've been tagged twice. I guess I can't run very fast! I therefore will combine both tags. I hope that's OK. First Larna tagged me and I must name 5 favorite things. So in no particular order they are
1. my family (very entertaining, better than a movie)
2. nature ( it is the best art there is)
3. Theo chocolate ( my downfall)
4. my pets (they are so loyal)
5. crazy quilting (all aspects of it)
Then I have been tagged again by Diane ! You girls are so much faster than me.Whew!!!....Diane said" This is a wonderful way for bloggers to get to know each other and pass the word around about our blogs. If you'd like to participate, list 7 things about yourself, weird or wonderful, serious or whimsical...and then tag 7 other bloggers, let them know you've included them, and post their blogs on your blog.How's that sound? Like fun?" Well Ok 7 things....
1. My dog Teddy has me wrapped around his little paw!(what more can I say)
2. I love squirrels, one in particular!(Chester)
3. Favorite color periwinkle blue! (first to disappear from my crayon box)
4. Love all birds (chickadees for sure)
5. I love veggies ( especially carrots)
6. My thoughts on re-organizing... "if it comes back to you, LOCK THE DOOR!"
( people who have been following my post understand LOL)
7. My 1 inch goldfish is now 10 inches long, since he has been released into the
the big pond. (will I have to play the music from Jaws by next summer?!?)
So now that you all know these delightful facts (stop yawning) here are my 7 people who will delight you with their truly neat blogs, Ta Da...... Drum roll please.
1. Lynn
2. Shelley
5. Coralie
6. Beth
7. Pearl
Have fun everyone. It is a neat way to meet and view new blogs. Thanks Diane and Larna. I must work on my running skills.LOL


Shellmo said...

Sharon - I am laughing about your 1 inch goldfinch in the pond - too funny! I did do a similiar random things about me post. Maybe I'll do the 5 favorite things?!

LDH said...

Hi Sharon,

I was also tagged by Diane and thought I'd stop by your blog. So nice to meet you and Chester and see some of your beautiful handwork.

Kindly, ldh

Pearl said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for tagging me! I am participating but I'm still working on it. I should be done soon.

Lynn said...

Thanks for the tag Sharon. I think LOL
My puppy has me wrapped around his finger too, or paw maybe :)