Friday, March 27, 2009

Bella McBrides Wonderful Giveaway

Bella McBride is having a wonderful giveaway. She is one of the most creative people. I fell in love with her wrist warmers a few months back, and even though I didn't know how to crochet ordered the pattern. It was so easy to follow and her directions go beyond the norm. Go on over and take a peak at her blog and her Etsy shop. You will love it!


Bella McBride said...

Hi Sharon,
Gosh, you make me blush! Such praise from such a talented lady! Thank you for posting about my Giveaway and good luck on the draw!

Janet said...

Love the little wrist warmers. I like to crochet when I have time (whenever that might be!)

Anonymous said...

Don't you love these! So feminine

I agree with you about the old growth cedar. Some people are like that about their black walnut trees. I remember a piece of property being sold that had several black walnuts on it, huge girth. The buyer only wanted the property for those to cut up and sell so the owners wouldn't sell to them. Good for them!


Lilla said...

Sharon, I too ordered the wrist and the neck warmer patterns.
Now what, I live in Hawaii.
But to crochet is so much fun and I love the challenge.
aloha Lilla

The Whispering Poppies said...

That is GORGEOUS! Thank you for pointing her blog out! =)