Monday, March 16, 2009

Charms,Charms and More Charms!!!


more charms, even more charms, what can I say!!!!!
I couldn't believe what I found when I went to my mailbox. My blogging buddy Beth said she was sending me "a few" charms to use in my crazy quilting. I tried to photograph them all but don't think this is complete. But you get the picture. My goodness, I was just shocked when I opened the package. What a delightful surprise to say the least. I shall be crazy quilting til I am 104!!! Beth has a fun blog. You never know what neat project she is into. I love when she shows pictures of the area she lives in. Drop by her blog, you never know what she's up to next.


Shellmo said...

So many cute charms! I like that bird one especially!! What a generous friend!

The White Bench said...

Soo pretty! Can't wait to see your crazy quilts!
Love and Hugs to you and Teddy from Kim and me.

beth said...

I'm so glad you showed the charms. I think they add a little special something. Thank you for the post Sharon. Enjoy