Friday, April 3, 2009

Victor Hugo Once Said....

" Laughter is the sun that drives winter from the human face."
Well her I sit in my little chair trying to laugh at the fact we most certainly had winter this morning. Yes I know you have heard me say it before, but I awoke to a "lovely" snow fall taking place outside my window. I threw the covers over my head and said this can't be happening again. Finally put the slippers on and padded downstairs for coffee . I had to go to town today as Teddy had a grooming appt. ( heaven forbid we should miss that, He is in love
with his groomer), I was having lunch with the posse and had to run all my errands. So I told the snow to STOP, and low and behold it did.

Well Ted is posing for you after his love fest with Ms. Lindee! Looking good Ted.

One of the gals who was not there last week for my birthday roast showed up with a huge bag of goodies.There was Spanish Lavender,some yummy little strawberry cakes, a sweet roses in a small pot sachet, and a bottle of "Tired Old Ass Soak". She has a great sense of humor. She topped the package off with this huge Dragonfly for my garden. Now I must tell you she is frightened to death of dragonflies. Silly girl. I had crazy quilted a pillow for her and yes I had embroidered a dragonfly on it not knowing the above fact. The day before I was to give it to her she mentioned her fear of the beloved dragonfly. I was up until 1 AM removing said dragonfly and replacing it with a spider. LOL So we have had some fun with that.

When I came home with all my goodies and flower, vegetable seeds ready to plant (snow was gone) a" neighbor "had dropped by and was standing in my vegetable garden. He had a five point friend with him to (didn't get his picture). Needless to say I had to have a few words with him. Yes the pastures were there for him, the veggie garden is off limits. He and his friend slowly left. I have a feeling he missed the point. Anyhow it is suppose to get to 64 this weekend and I'm ready.


beth said...

You had a busy day Sharon. Teddy looks so sweet. I personally love dragonflys, very cool.
I'm so happy the weather is finally going to warm up for you. I guess you just didn't know the power you have over it. HaHa.
Have a wonderful week end, hope you get the sweetpeas in.

warmly, beth

Snap said...

Teddy is so cute and birthdays should be celebrated on more than one day ... perhaps days or weeks! Bring on the goodies! My grandmother always did her planting on Good Friday. ??!!!

Kims Art said...

Teddy just knows he is looking good.LOL I know you must be waiting on spring and I am wishing it for you. I am getting ready to plant a few vegetables. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for visiting my blog! I loved the buttons too, you should see all the ones I have in my studio, jars and tins full, stuck everywhere! I really need to put more groups of them together to sell. I never "use" them, I just look at them, haha!
Your doggy is adorable, but that is an amazing photo of the deer. Lets hope he and his buddy took your warning to heart!

Pat Winter said...

Happy belated birthday dear friend...your birthday isn't over just yet!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon ~ I had to laugh when I was your garden visitor! We have the same thing here, a bit bigger, but my, are they ever hungry. Our "urban moose" can take down a lilac bush in a few minutes, a bank of roses in 10, a nice crab apple becomes a stick in 30 minutes. We put chicken wire cages around our trees, and shrubbery for the fall, winter and spring, until the moose have plenty other stuff to eat.

Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault