Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My friend Snap is having a giveaway

This is what Snap said, "This brings me to the Blogoversary Celebration Give-a-way. I had thought to give multiple gifts to multiple winners, but I've decided to give the contents of the blue bag to just one person. Let me tell you about the blue bag. It is a "mochilla", a traditional bag used in Columbia and hand made by women from several vilages near Proyecto Titi's field site in Santa Catalina, Columbia. The bags are made (crochet) entirely of recycled plastic bags. The production of these bags helps to reduce the amount of plastic in the local landfills and to create a sustainable local economy.Proyecto Titi works with local communities to protect the highly endangered cotton-top tamarin, a small primate found only in the northwest region of Columbia. Through scientific studies, public education and economic alternatives, they are helping to protect cotton-top tamarins and their habitats. As my readers know, I am a big supporter of conservation and of the Houston Zoo. The zoo has "Call of the Wild" lectures that look at endangered species and conservation methods that are being taken. Proyecto Titi: Conserving the Cotton-top Tamarin in Columbia was just one of those lectures. I also believe, you can never have enough bags -- so you will receive this one." Now Snap that is one fine giveaway! So everyone hop over to Snaps blog to enter and to enjoy a very versatile blog. You will enjoy it.


Janet said...

I'm entered, too!

Snap said...

Thank you! Giving the little Cotton-Top Tamarins some help!