Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Some sweet awards.

I received two awards from Merry, who has a very nice informative blog. She make the neatest cards. Drop over and see her wonderful blog. She has given me this award for blog support. That was easy to get because her blog is so interesting. This award was originated by Kellie Winnell.

Then I received the award of love. The rules for both of these awards is that it should be passed on to 5 people.

This is hard to do because I can think of a lot more that five people. So in my heart you all get the awards.

But I shall follow the rules and list 5....

1. Monica now she is not a tag/award gal, but I had to do it!
So there you go. I have a lot to blog about but am short on time so check back later today for a tour of wildflower and some blooming things. Also some fancy fairy slippers !!

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Talking Horses Arts said...

Omg..Sharon...thank you soo much!