Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Such a Sweet Gift

What a sweet gift that has arrived from Pat Winter. Of course it arrives in a cheery yellow envelope with a brightly colored butterfly. This girl never skips on detail. It is always fun to get an envelope from Pat as you know it will brighten your day. If anyone can put a little sunshine in an envelope it's Pat.

Some of Pats beautifully dyed ribbon in some of my favorite colors. Mmmmmm. Thank you dear Pat.

Then this sweetly wrapped tiny package in light blue with a little egg sticker. Details..... I carefully opened it and my mouth just dropped.

There was this tiny delicate charm that Pat had made. I can't believe
the tiny delicate stitches. the little beads, oh my how beautiful. What a treasure. I have tried to take a close up and it isn't very good but here it is. I mean the photo isn't very good, not Pat's beautiful work. LOL

I wish you could all see it in person. Pat thank you so much. I treasure it like I treasure our friendship. We met when I ordered Pat's wonderful book and had so many questions about how she did this one process. This girl has patience, like I have never seen before.I must add that she is the cause of my addiction to CQ. There is no hope for me now. LOL


Pat Winter said...

Sharon, you are so sweet. Loved reading your post pretending it wasn't about me,LOL. You flatter me !!!I am so happy you liked your surprises. You are always such a breath of fresh air with sunshine all around you. I treasure our friendship and enjoy your blog very much.
Hugs to you,

Janet said...

Beautiful packaging and beautiful gift.

Snap said...

Isn't it fun to receive surprises from our friends ... such treasures and this is certainly a treasure you have received.

Shellmo said...

Pat is very talented! beautiful work!!!

beth said...

I agree with Pat, you always seem to have a positive attitude. Wish some of that would rub off on me.
Thank you dear Sharon for all the nice things you say and do. Lovely gift.


Merry said...

What a beautiful the packaging...Pat is sure a talented lady.

Marydon said...

I just love EVERYTHING you do.
TTFN ~ Marydon

purplepaint said...

Oh Pat does beautiful work!!! Lucky you!!! :)

Laura said...

Charming gifts, beautifully wrapped....what a treat!
Thanks for stopping by and leaving kind words....hope to have you visit again soon!
Be well, Laura

wendy said...

I picked up my book today! I really like it! Thank you for suggesting it! I hope to be able to do ribbon embroidery one day also, it's so delicate looking! I've really enjoyed working on my pillow and will try some embroidery on it as soon as I'm more confident with the stitches I want to use! I've already picked out some fabrics for the purse I want to make!

Nan said...

What a lovely gift..your friend is very talented! I always appreciate your kind words on my blog as well. Happy week!