Wednesday, July 29, 2009

109 degrees!

Took this picture from my living room window as it was to hot to go onto the deck. We broke the record for highest temp. ever in Seattle at 103. Here in the foothills we hit 109 and I stopped looking at the gage. We had hot winds and huge thunder clouds. The thunder was mind shaking. But no rain. I go out at night and water what I can when it is my day. We are being rationed to every other day. I put out bowls of water for the rabbits,etc and try to keep the bird baths full. Yesterday just below our woods I heard fire trucks ,5 in all. Then I saw smoke. I got cages and containers ready for the pets if I had to leave. But they were able to contain the brush fire. Later the sheriff came by asking if I had seen a young man running through my woods.I had not. But they say he was running from the fire. I truly hope we do not have a problem on our hands. I just can't bring myself to think some kid would start a fire. It was a six hour job for the firefighters as it was off the road and in the woods. I felt so sorry for them in this heat. I sleep with one eye open now.

On a funny side, last evening we were driving out and I looked at the creek. Thought I saw something, yup there were three baby elk laying in the creek to cool off. Then the mamma's showed up and then a few more.They were having a ball. When they came out and shook off they all looked like little kids with crew cuts. Of course I didn't have my camera. They didn't show up tonight. I think the thunder may have them waiting it out in the woods. Tomorrow if you read about an old lady in the foothills of the cascades making a fool of herself, not to worry it's just me doing a rain dance with the elk! Have a nice day and send me one nice day of rain, please, pretty please!!!!!


Barb said...

It is indeed toooo hot here!!

Love the picture in my mind of those elk rolling around in the water.
Say you will be there tomorrow?? =0))

Hugs and smiles,
Barbara Jean

Pat Winter said...

WOW! Sharon, we must have been looking at the same clouds. I was floating and staring at the sky under my visor and was wondering if anyone actually gazed at clouds anymore. They were so fluffy and were moving and changing fairly quickly so I just had to stare for quite a while and dream.
Now I see you too are a cloud watcher. Figures,LOL ;-}
Hugs and endless fluffy clouds,

Pat Winter said...

Me again...I didn't want to post good and bad so I'm posting twice..
I'm sorry you have had such hot weather. Yikes! I could just see you preparing the animals for the heat/fire. Also you and the elk dancing. I do hope rain arrives soon. Ours finally arrived the night before last and almost overflowed the pool...not a bad thing indeed. I will wish you rain my friend.
Hugs and raindrops falling on your head,

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

109 - yikes! I can appreciate your concerns about fires at present - such a worry. We have also started water rations here so down to two evenings a week. Hand watering is permitted so am keeping busy.
On a lighter note, I agree the guy with the guitar had to go!
Stay cool and chat soon,

Snap said...

I'd love to send you some and some cooler weather ... if I had any! :( Our daughter is in Seattle and I can't imagine temps over 100 there. ACK! Loved the mental picture of the elk family. Stay safe and try to stay cool (baby wipes are good for cooling off ... one of those things we learned after Hurricane Ike and no electricity for a week ... wipe your arms with the baby wipes ... as they dry they cool your skin). Stay well.

Elizabeth said...

That is just plain Scary hot for Seattle!! This climate change stuff is really mind blowing. Be vigilant in your woods, my husband the firefighter said taht these are just the conditions that Fire bugs look for. I know that this does not make you feel any better!!! i feel so badly for the wildlife!!! I will focus on rain and cooling temps for you SHaron!!!!

Sharon said...

Thanks ladies for the wishes of rain, etc. It will be another hot one today so I have scheduled the rain dance with the elk for 10 PM tonight. LOL Sharon

Sea Gypsy said...

I am so sorry you are having a heat wave. The DH was just telling me about hearing it on the news. I come here to your blog and sure enough...Hot! I know the scare of fires. We have lived through a few and it is a nightmare. It is hot here also and I look forward to those afternoon showers. We had a thunderstorm the other day and the news said my area had 2000 lightning strikes in twenty min. Crazy stuff! I am hearing a song right now on your blog I just love. I have to go check it out! Take care!

Sea Gypsy said...

It was Raven by Jewel.

Judy S. said...

You're right, we've had a few really scorching days! 105 in our backyard but today seems a tad cooler, thankfully. We saw those clouds, too, over the mountains, and they were very impressive. Didn't hear any thunder though...just today when the Blue Angels roared over. Stay cool, and I hope your rain dance works; we sure need it!

wendy said...

Hi Sharon, I really like the picture of your pieces of friendship and was wondering about the pattern for them. I would like to try to make one. I would really like to do the exchange when they start it up in the fall.

Merry said...

What amazing photos 109F sure does sound hot. Sharon I have a little something over my way just to say thanks for visiting.

KarenHarveyCox said...


109 degrees, I can't even imagine. Well, maybe when we were in Hong Kong, I am not sure. But that heat was a very humid one, not dry like yours. Oh, I wish I could send you some of our rain. We have had nothing but rain all summer long. My zinnias are soggy.

Your view is amazing, and seeing an elk, sigh what a beautiful place you live in. I will say a prayer that you are safe from any fires.

Have a lovely day. Pieces of friendship over there on your sidebar is wonderful.