Saturday, October 17, 2009

I've Been Reading....

I found Kate Hanley by accident some years back and it was the best "find" I have had. She writes about yoga and different ways to have a good mind and body. Now I am not a yoga person as I have always feared I would end up in a pretzel position and never be able to get out of it. But Kate is different. I could hardly believe that a certain way of just breathing would do so much good. When I am driving down the road of insanity ( that's what I call I-90) I use her techniques to arrive at my destination calm, cool and somewhat collected ( for me that is major).

She asked me awhile back to review her book and I was thrilled to do so. I was not disappointed. In fact I found it to be the most helpful read I could imagine. On the cover it said "77 simple strategies for serenity". She was true to her word. I was totally amazed by this wonderful book. I have never met Kate but I consider her a friend indeed. I gave the book to several friends and they too love it.

I am writing this because I have read so many blogs where the "stress" word has come up and we are dealing with some tough times. This little book and Kate's website has helped me. So I just thought I'd pass it along. I promise she won't turn you into a pretzel. Her website is, msmindbody ,if you care to look. Have a great day!!!


beth said...

Thank you Sharon, we all could use some help in this area of our lives.
I have tried yoga, and Ti-Chi, and hula hooping, and many other things. They all work when put into practice. That's the stumbling block- practice.
I needed the reminder, thanks again.


Snap said...

It's always good to have lots of strategies to take on stress. Thanks for mentioning Kate, her book and website.

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

Due to back problems, I have been doing stretching exercises for twelve and a half years. Sort of like yoga, I guess. It has saved me, I promise you! Both physically and mentally!

Candy said...

Thanks for stopping by my PINK post, I spent all day out in the glorious weather...gardening. So today I must visit all those that stopped by. Yes, it was fun and if you could fly down I know you would double the fun!
Love that pineapple quilt, fab.
Sunday Blessings ;-) said...

Thanks Sharon for the info. It is very helpful.