Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No I Wasn't Eaten By a Bear, I was Just.......

I survived Christmas. Sadly I did not get a Hippo. Guess no one took me seriously. LOL. (Thank Heaven)
I also have not been lost in the snow. We don't have any... I say that very softly
as we really had our share last year (see my card last post) ! It is snowing above me at the pass which is great for the skiers! We had a wee bit last night, but nothing to talk about.
What I have been doing is totally cleaning out my walk in I can walk in it again. Ha! This is quite a job and will be glad when it is done. I am donating anything that does not fit. So if you see me at the grocery store in my PJ's you know I have finished the job.
Next I take on more closets until there is just the essentials left. Watch out I am on a roll. (Let's hope it lasts).
So Pearl and others who have wondered, I am still kicking. Just trying to get a little organized. That's such a nasty word......I promise more exciting things to come. Really! Happy New Year everyone!!*!*!!


Snap said...

PJs sound good to me! When you are finished with your closets, I have several you can attack at my house! Stay warm!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sharon:
I participate in Shell May's "Wild Hare" Wednesdays...and I cleaned out my walk in closet today, too! My oh my...what a job. I know how you feel!
Take it easy and Happy New Year, my friend!

Jasmine said...

Happy new year Sharon. Good luck with the feng shui x

Karen said...

Really glad you are still around! LOL It is that time of year when I too want to clean and straighten things! Must be related to all the "stuff" from the holidays!

Janet said...

Good luck with the organizing! I wish I had your drive....I surely need to do the same thing at our house!

Happy New Year!!!

Judy S. said...

Are you getting ready for another trip to You Know Where? Hope you had a nice holiday. You must be feeling better if you're cleaning house? Happy New Year, Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Sharon!

Deborah said...

Happy New Year!

Pearl said...

Happy New Year You Crazy Wild Women! I slept in my new house last night! whahoo, we got the final yesterday and I was out the door running. I slept like a baby! My neighbors move in tomorrow and there absolute dolls. I laughed about cleaning out your closets, good thing to do when it's cold outside. I have to work today but when I'm done I'm going shopping and moving! Life is good! Especially with friends like you. Don't party to hard K?

Jasmine said...

I love that you plant trees and have such an environmentally friendly house. I look forward to visiting you often in 2010 dear tree whisperer. Tonight, the new year will be guided in by a blue moon, how special :)

Love to you from a moon gazer xx

Maggie R said...

Hi Sharon,
Gosh 2010 already.... seems like only yesterday the big 2000 and all the worry about what would happen to the computers etc!!!
Where did that TEN years go??!! sigh...
Like your plans..
I will be carrying out my attack in the coming weeks too..... It does get to that stage doesn't it!
Hope your New year is sparkly, bright and filled with creativity..
Blessings to you and yours..
BTW how exciting to have 2 blue moons!!! enjoy

Elizabeth said...

Oh you must feel so good to shed all of that extra stuff!! I wish that I could catch some of your motivation- perhaps it will come- I need to do all of these things!!!! I ahve just had a peek at your Etsy shop!! Beautiful wonderful offerings- your cuffs are magnificent!!
Happy New Years Hugs my friend!!!

storyteller said...

Love the vintage card ;-)
Glad to know you made it through the holidays. I could be getting things put away, but (alas) here I am at the computer. Happy New Year ;-)
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

pretty cool stuff here thank you!!!!!!!