Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Happened on Valentines Day?!

Well knowing that DH loves a certain thing more
than anything else.... and being the "terrific" person
that I am... I gave him
individually  wrapped cheese hearts
in a gold candy box no less.
He really enjoyed his gift and got
a chuckle out of it .
Now he had his fun too... giving me
this bag full of coffee beans....
Now I had not had a cup of coffee in 3 months
because the huge espresso machine (he  bought)      was in for repair I was miffed
until I saw the machine had finally come home!!!
He also brought me this beautiful tin full of flowers

I just love the smell of flowers. What a sweetheart he is.
Then on Wednesday I received a sweet surprise from
my dear friend Pat Winter.
She always has a way of surprising me. I
feel very spoiled by her sweet gift.The darling brooch
tucked into a sweet little envelope with sweet messages.
 Not to mention the yummy tea. Thank you dear friend
for thinking of me.
I feel very spoiled so I am off to a bubble bath. Tootles!!!!


Snap said...

Love all the goodies!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Sharon! You all do Valentine's Day up right! LOVELY things from your friend Pat!!!

Merry said...

You both were very spoilt and very original presents. Love it!!!

Janet said...

So many wonderful goodies! I'd say you had a pretty good Valentine's Day.