Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Grief, I Must Be a Pebble Short....

Happy Saint Patty's Day!
I just returned from shopping.
Had to go to several stores as
there seems to be a run on
cabbage, of all things! I  wore my
green and Teddy had his green scarf on.
So we were safe from those pinchy types.
But I remembered I hadn't wished you all
a happy Saint Paddy's Day.
 So there now I've done it. LOL
Oh I love the smell of corned beef and cabbage
just cooking away! MMMMMMMMM


Pearl said...

Oh I love corn beef and cabbage! I know you don't like unexpected guest....but I'm coming anyway. Tell Teddy I want pictures of that green scarf so don't take it off. Now if only I can find my jet plane....Love, Peal

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Same to you, Sharon! I can just see you and sweet Teddy in your St. Patty's regalia!

We had beef brisket and cabbage for dinner (Handsome doesn't like the "corned" version) ;-)

Settled in for an evening of knitting, but had to visit my "faves" first!


Createology said...

Any left for a corned beef sandwich tomorrow? YUM!
Glad to hear Teddy wore green today. Happy creating...

Shelley said...

Wishing a belated Happy ST. Pats to you and Teddy!

Jennifer said...

I love your blog - of course I'd follow you anywhere - except if it was cold! The little girl with the shell is my fav! It's so pretty here today - thak you God! Jennifer

The Rustic Victorian said...

Cabbage is good alright,,I always wish I had an outdoor kitchen when I cook it though,,,How can something so good, smell so bad. We make a giant Cabbage Creole here in the south, so good.