Friday, April 9, 2010

It SNOWED *?~*!*?

Ok it's April 9th.... yesterday I had an appointment 25
miles down the road at 8 AM . I awoke to snow and it was coming down hard.
Now two weeks ago it was 70 degrees here in the foothills. This is toooooo much.
For you who have followed my blog you might remember Chester the squirrel. I have been wondering where he is. Well a few weeks ago this (above) baby showed up. I know he is Chester's child as this guy has the same attitude.
"Breakfast served promptly by 8, please" (or I'll be standing at you window screaming)
He is really getting fat.
I tried to get a decent photo of these guys. There were 13 at the feeder all
at the same time. They are so quick that they are a blur. There is no snow this morning
but they are still predicting more. I want to be in the garden.
Like last week at the tulip festival.....


Janet said...

Snow!! That's just incredible. Although I think our spring weather has been a bit cooler than usual but not cold enough for snow. The tulips are beautiful!

Judy S. said...

Maybe we should all move to the Skagit Valley?

Shelley said...

Chester's child is adorable! And I'm sure very grateful to you for his fine meals! Now he needs a name too... :-)

Snap said...

I want to be in the garden, too. My problem isn't snow. My problem is the horrible tree pollen. Worse it's been in years (says the weather guys) ... all the cars in the city have this strange greenish/yellow tint to them. Argggghhh! By the time the pollen is gone, it'll be too hot!

Laurie said...

I can relate Sharon! I just want to go outside and feel the sun on my bones, not bone chilling cold, and today, flurries on and off. Last week I was thinking of planting my radishes, this week I'm thinking I hope I don't have to get the shovel back out.

vicki said...

Sharon -Thanks for coming to see me - you are entered in the Vera give away! Can I just say that your blog header is absolutely beautiful and your playlist is fabulous. Hope you don't ind but I am "stealing" a few of your choices to add to mine!
Hope to see you again soon!