Sunday, May 9, 2010

More Tools of The Trade, Mosaic Monday

Seashells and roses
Satins and lace
Lavender and charms
Pearls and silks
made into wonderful sachets
these are a few of the
tools of my trade.
Be sure to drop over to Mary's
for more Mosaic Monday!
 Thank you Mary for hosting this event.


Monica@The White Bench said...

Fabulous, Sharon! Have fun.

Maggie B said...

I'm visiting for the first time today and love your soft focus mosiac, so pretty.
Happy MM

Carol at Serendipity said...

Just a lovely mosaic and your sachets are exquisite.


luna said...

Elegantly and beautiful mosaic!!!
Happy MM....Luna

Naturegirl said...

Sharon simply beautiful all things that I love!!Happy Mother's Day!

Elizabeth said...

I love this mosaic Sharon!!!! So many beautiful and favorite things!!! We really do think very much a like!!!! I hope taht you ahd a wonderful Mother's Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous tools of the trade,
Sharon!. :) Loved your Lace & Lavender post too - so pretty!
Happy Monday,

32˙North said...

Hi Sharon,

I stopped by you Etsy shop - you've made some wonderful things. My favorite is the ribbon embroidered silk sachet - such great detail with the little golden bird! I have an Etsy shop, too and really enjoy it. Your mosaic is a treasure trove of inspiration.


Kiki said...

HI Sharon..such a fabulous dazzling treasures..such beauty and harmony!

Snap said...

Wonderful goodeis, Sharon. Some of my favorites!

Createology said...

Such wonderful tools for your trade. Each one so textural. Happy creating...

Shelley said...

Shells, flowers and lace certainly do go together! Loved this mosaic!

Wendy said...

Beautiful Mosaic and I love the sachet. What a pretty color!

Shirley said...

I love your mosaic and the sachet. You do wonderful work. Have a wonderful week.

Judy S. said...

Yes, but you forgot to add your amazing creativity, Sharon!

Tammie Lee said...

these treasures make for a lovely collage~

Carol Mae said...

Hi Sharon, Thanks for stopping by. Your welcome for the images, I just like to share sweet images when I find them. Hope your weekend is also great. Blessings, Carol Mae

DoanLegacy said...

Love your mosaic of the beautiful!