Sunday, May 23, 2010

Searching for Trillium: Mosaic Monday

Photo thanks to
I went in search of trillium that grows
in my woods. Sadly none to be found
today. I think the weather has been to cold.
I shall keep a watch out for them.
In the meantime I took photo's of  my wild
bleeding heart, ferns,columbine,exbury azalea that
was supposed to be light peach and a very occupied

The exbury I planted 20 years age as a twig.
It is now taller than me (5'8") and a favorite
place of the mountain chickadees.
Be sure to visit more Mosaic Monday's by dropping
by Marys Little Red House. Thanks again to Mary our
wonderful host.


Naturegirl said...

What a wonderful sound you must hear from those chickadees!
Trillium is the provincial flower of Ontario were I live!They are also protected by law.Love to see them growing in our woodlands!

Laurie said...

I love your mosaic Sharon, I wish I knew how to do them.
The trillium are due here also, but haven't seen any as of yet either. Same here, it's been cold and wet.

Judy S. said...

Loved those photos, Sharon. Your trillium might have snuck on by while you were doing all that weeding. The one in our yard is nearly done as are those I watch up the street.... Are we still on for this week? I hope!

Marie said...

Lovely post for MM. Please have a great week.

32˙North said...

HI Sharon,

I share your love of columbines. Mine are blooming like crazy right now and one of the best things is, they'll reseed themselves year after year!


Catherine said...

Lots of loveliness here! Wonderful posts!

Jules said...


Snap said...

Beautiful blooms! All that work in the garden pays off! Have a wonderful time on your trillium search and enjoy the chickadees!

ginger@bearbits said...

Lovely flowers - no wonder your embroidery is so beautiful. You have loads of inspiration just outside your door. Nice mosaics!


Maya said...

Very lovely..., I hardly know any plant names (I forget people's names too!), but I enjoy them just the same.

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

The flowers are looking lovely despite the cool weather.

Naturegirl said...

Thank you for the generous comment re: my pink tulips. They are beauties. sigh
Gone now for another year. :(

rebecca said...

Thank you for sharing your woodland beauty!