Friday, June 11, 2010

Just Doodling...?

I am always pen and ink in hand doodling.
Well that's when I am not painting, crazy
quilting,gourd burning,etc,etc.... you get
the picture. The brain is never resting
these days. I have to try everything
and anything at least once...
 Now they seem to have a new name
for doodling it's now called zendangle.
So I had to try to doodle zendangle
some beads. What fun using Friendly
Plastic (remember that stuff). Well I think
this is the new revised addition. Easy peasy...

I just doodled zendangled away on the plastic...
then heated it with my heat tool, and rolled it into
a bead.

After shaping and drying it with two coats
                              of Mod Podge they are now ready to paint
                              I will use alcohol ink then two more coats
                    of mod podge and finally resin. I'll be back
                                       with photo's  when finished.
For a more detailed tutorial on this go to the friendly
 plastic website (just google it) and look for a
tutorial by Linda Peterson. It's a video and fun to
(PS. for some reason Blogger just wasn't in the mood to center everything correctly. Grrrr, sorry about this)


Snap said...

This is cool ... yeehaw!!!!

Deborah said...

Great results!

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I've been wanting to learn the Zantangles but never would have thought about making beads from them. I love it.

Createology said...

Brilliant idea you have. Love your doodling/zendangleing. Your beads look fabulous. Thank you for sharing. Happy creating...

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

This looks like fun! And I can SOOOO relate about wanting to try is all- at least once! I will go look at the tutorial - I have my 9 year old granddaughter for a week next month and this looks like something we can do together :-)

Judy S. said...

These are wonderful, Sharon. I would love to see them in person some time!

Shelley said...

I love your doodling designs! And what a creative idea to put them on beads! You amaze me!

Laurie said...

Unbelievable! I never would have thunk Sharon, can't wait to see your finished product! Way Cool!!!

Lorraine @ creativedaily said...

These are wonderful Sharon. I can hardly wait to see them painted....

Connie said...

WOW! This is terrific. Love those beads!


Anonymous said...

Zendangle! Holy cow, is that what I've been doing all these years? :)
LOVE your beads!

bicocacolors said...

so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, so coooool, Sharon!!!

Mod Podge Amy said...

Very cute - LOVE these!

Pearl said...

Those look really nice! What fun I'm going over to google to watch the video! Love your Zantangles by the way.

Maggie R said...

Hi Sharon,
Love what you have done with the Zentangles.
I have been doing the same thing with beads but mine are a different style.Not done yet!!!!
Our postcard group have a Zentangles trade going on. I never heard of it before that.I had to google it to see what it was all about. Joggles has a great tutorial about it.
Meanwhile Take it easy. Your gardens are gorgeous. Worth all the aches and pains!

Barbra Joan said...

Sharon, thank you for your visit and comment to my blog, so glad you enjoy it, like you I have to try so many things.. (and have)
I did the Friendly Plastic years ago, and I've done zentangels but never mixed the two together..
LOve your blog, just spent a long time here checking out all your addictions. ! LOL ! BJ