Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Blissfull ATC swap & a short note...

I had the pleasure of swapping 
with  Jane Wetzel and what a fantastic ATC
I received.I love the verse and the sweet cupid.
The colors are wonderful and all the detail. WOW!
She also sent all these goodies.
How much fun and I thank you very much Jane.
This is the ATC I sent.
 I was so impressed with the ATC I received 
from DeeDee Johnson and the 3D effect that I 
had to try it. I used Yes glue and it didn't hold to well
so some glitter did escape. I shall just call it fairy dust. LOL!
On Jane's ATC it said Ms. Jane not Sharon. I also included a
wee bit of chocolate. Another fun event.
Getting off the subject just a bit, I have received several emails
asking where I was, if all was OK,why I wasn't blogging... well
I have always wanted to keep my blog on the cheerful side of life.
That being said I must tell you that Jan. brought a lot of sad news.
First a girlfriend passed away at 57. Then my father in law was
diagnosed  with stage 4 pancreatic cancer . DH discovered he had a 
blood clot in his leg  and had to start immediate treatment. This 
prevented us from going to see his dad . Sadly his father passed away
before we could get there. So I hope you can see why I didn't blog
for awhile. It was just all too much in a short period of time. I 
didn't even want to answer the phone ...
I am looking forward to a better rest of the year and lots of
happy thoughts and events. So I better get back to creating so
I will have something to blog about. Right!!!!


Brynwood Needleworks said...

Dearest Sharon:
Deepest sympathy on the loss of your father-in-law and your girlfriend. Such sad news. We always like to think that good things are going on in our friend's lives when we don't hear from them. I sorry that wasn't the case for you. I hope your husband's health improves and that your sadness will diminish until you have only happy memories of your loved ones.
Sending healing hugs from FL,

Jules said...

Beautiful cards! And I am sure you have mentioned it before, but what is ATC?! (you can email the response to me directly if you wish frggygrl at aol).

I am sad to hear of your recent losses and hope you and your family are healing at this point. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations (and your swap partners too)!

Merry said...

Huge hugs Sharon...that sure is a lot to deal with. Condolences.

I hope your hubby is on the mend now.

I had been wondering were you were. Have been missing your terrific creations and artwork. These ATC's are beautiful. I love the hearts along the bottom on the one you recieved. And that little girl in the photo is so cute and certainly gives you a smile. Take care Sharon.

Jane Wetzel said...

Sharon- you can be sure the pleasure was all are a brilliant artist and I wish u well and happiness in the new future..take care..hugs, Jane :)

Createology said...

My deepest sympathy to you for your very difficult beginning to this year. The loss of friends and family are very sad indeed. Health issues are never pleasant and definitely require immediate attention. I hope you feel the hugs and blessings that will be sent you way as you are able to blog and be creative once again. Always remember we bloggers are here for you no matter what. Hugs...

Shelley said...

You have my deepest sympathy and prayers - so sorry to hear this!

Pondside said...

Hi Sharon - I'm so sorry to hear about all the recent troubles. Blogging should be a guilt-free zone - real life had to take precedence, and we'll all be right here waiting for your lovely posts when you have time and energy to write them.
Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

Oh Sharon, you really have had a lot on your plate. So much that it must be difficult to assimilate all of it. I'm sorry for the loss of your father-in-law and that you weren't able to get to see him.
Wishing you peace and healing for your husband,

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

I ma so sorry you have been through such emotional upheaval in the past moth or so..and I know it will be a long healing process for you 7 hubby..sending healing and loving hugs from Utah to you..

You card is very pretty and shows the depth of your creativity and love :-)

Elizabeth said...

Oh Dear Sharon!!!
I am so sorry to hear of your losses, I am so very sorry. Sometimes it all just seems too much!! I have missed you and hope that creating a bit of art will help you thru this tough time!!! I have been absent from blogging because of being so busy. I am so glad that you stopped by my blog.
Big Hugs dear girl!!!

Mollye said...

Bless your heart my new friend, My 2010 started that way and ran true to form for the remainder of the year. My youngest child killed, inlaws died, other kids became ill, hardships, grief, heartaches and on and on and it is so hard when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunel but after the dawning of light I realize God never left my side and through the trial I endured and became closer than ever to Him. I wish you peace, tranquility and the wish for a nicer year ahead. Mollye

Judy S. said...

So sorry to hear about your father-in-law and friend. Hope that your hubby's leg is all better now. Hugs to both of you. (Did you get snow last night? I immediately thought of you in NB when we woke up to a dusting in our yard.)