Friday, April 8, 2011

The Sun is Shining! Unbelievable...

The sun was shining today. We could actually see
blue sky. So when my friend arrived we loaded
Teddy in the car and headed up the mountain
to Rattlesnake Lake. (there are no rattlesnakes,
so why they named it that I don't know).
Anyway we had a great walk and hiked up to 

see the water drums. My favorite place.
When we returned home we dropped Teddy off
(nap time) and headed out for sushi. 
Now home and dabbling on my watercolors again.


Vee said...

Any day with the sun shining and spring showing is a good day. What a lovely place Rattlesnake Lake is.

Shirley said...

Loved your pictures today. We had a very foggy start this morning and never did get that warm or the sun to come out today. Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Your Missouri Friend.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sharon:
It looks like you had a beautiful day. Your watercolor is gorgeous, too.

Pearl said...

Glad to hear you finally had a sunny day! And wow is that lake beautiful, looks like Teddy had a great day, your such a good Mommy. Love the grapes! Have you always painted?

Laurie said...

I love your water colors Sharon, they're turning out so beautiful. And I can breathe the mountain air just looking at the photos..thanks for sharing your sunshine with us!

Pondside said...

We have had two sunny days in a row!! Alleluia! It makes all the difference to my mood and it seems to buoy you too.

Shairon said...

What a gorgeous lake! Bet Teddy loved it too! Your grape painting is beautiful. What talent! xx

Marilyn Rock said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us! Beautiful photos; this is a hopeful time isn't it?

Your watercolor is beautiful!

Snap said...

A day with a friend, a fur baby and nature ... priceless! Love your watercolor.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely day and I love your watercolors!!!Iam supposed to be out there right now and I am sad. But it WILL happen soon I hope!!

Maggie R said...

Love your painting Sharon..
watercolor painting seems so relaxing.
and talk about a relaxing place where you were hiking... so beautiful. I agree with Pondside that a sunny day really does help to change your mood.
ks for the wonderful pictures.

Deborah said...

so lovely!

Judy S. said...

Nice photos, Sharon! And good to hear from you.... Crazy spring, eh? Did you get your hair cut? It looks terrific! Sounds lik you had a nice birthday celebration...belated wishes for another great year! Hugs, too.

vicki said...

Oh what a beautiful place to spend a spring afternoon - such lovely photos!

Your watercolor painting is beautiful!