Thursday, May 19, 2011

From a Dear Friend in Italy

My dear friend Monica sent me these lovelies
to plant. Even the packages are so pretty I 
had to paint them.Click on photo for close up.
  I have now started to plant 
them as the weather has warmed.
Thank you so much for these treasures.
Time to play catch up for EDiM.
The weather has been gorgeous so
I have been in the garden.
A year of change alright....!?
The river below my home.
Yup the bears are back. So far a momma and her cub
and a huge black bear. Needless to say we are all
a little tense. Have to keep Teddy on a leash and with
us at all times. Last night one was by our front door
and the flashlight came in handy.
Hope they move on soon.


Snap said...

Mail call is wonderful!!!!! Tell those bears to go away!

Pondside said...

Watch out for those bears!
Did you really go from super long to super short this year? From the drawings, I have to say that the short is very chic!

Monica@The White Bench said...

Dear Sharon,
Oh beautiful surprise here for me, today!;) Hope you'll enjoy bunches and bunches of gorgeous flowers!
What a splendid journal you're going to have in the end, with all of these watercolors...
Hugs, to Teddy too ;)
Monica xo

Terri Kahrs said...

Don't you just LOVE 'happy mail'!?!?! Your watercolor is lovely, Sharon! Your sketches are getting better and better.
Oh NO!!!! Nothing worse than a Mama Bear and cubs. Please, please, please be extra vigilant and careful!!! It's a good thing that Teddy has such a wonderful, protective Mom! Happy Weekend! Hugs, TErri xoxoxo

Vee said...

Love the sketches and all the hairstyles and the sweet mail...from Italy! Oh double, triple sweet.

baukje said...

Wow, real bears????? Exiting but also very anxious!!!!

Deborah said...

Lovely work!

Judy S. said...

Haven't the past few days been wonderful? Lots of garden work out there though! Some of our plants really suffered this past winter, the hydrangeas especially. My clematis survived thankfully as I thought it'd croaked. Yeah! PS I like your haircut!

Laurie said...

Your watercolors are so pretty Sharon. I holding out on seeing a black bear, maybe someday, but in the meantime, stay safe, ok?

Shairon said...

Great sketches Sharon! Scary times for you and lil' Ted. Keep him close and safe from those bears!

Merry said...

Such wonderful drawings. My hair is doing the opposite to yours. :-) I must say I would be so locked in my house with three bears so close by. Do they hang around during in the day or just visit at night time?

Createology said...

I just adore your journal and all that you paint and write in it. I hope those pesky bears understand you have NO food for them and they move on to bigger picnic grounds. Just stay indoors and stay safe. Wonderful weekend to you...