Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Experimenting on a Gloomy Day

I was in Daniel Smith (art store) the 
other day and came across their new product.
Daniel Smith Watercolor Grounds. 
The girl said put it on just about 
anything, wait 24 hours and then 
paint your watercolor.
Then spray your watercolor with
Golden's Archival Varnish (gloss),
two coats letting it dry between coats.
Then spray with one coat of
Golden's Archival Varnish (matte). This 
will preserve your watercolor forever. No 
glass needed.
MMMM I said, I must try this.....mmmm?!
So I did. The weather has been NOT summer like
so into the studio and a little ,experimenting, a little
humor and a little patriotic goodness....
on mini canvases(reminds me of waiting for the
ladies room at a Mariners game. The big dog (beige)
looks desperate, don't you think!?!)
I love this product. These were
watercolor, pen and ink on canvas.
 I also am making a journal cover
which is on paper covered board. 
I'll post results when finished.


Anonymous said...

I've never heard of this stuff, wow, is that ever neat, I like that,

Tammie said...

wonderful to hear that you like these products. Thank you for sharing. Lovely to see your art as well.

Createology said...

Always nice to learn of a new and/or improved product to make art that much better. Yours are adorable. Happy painting...

Merry said...

That first piece of art is great....what a fun scene. I also love the quaintness of the second canvas.

Snap said...

Oh, yes... want to hear all about the product. Love the waiting room .. too funny!

Maggie R said...

Sounds interesting Sharon...
I always enjoy your artwork..
You inspire me....
Sounds like your summer weather is not co-operating... sigh.... Thank goodness for "The Studio"
It has been too hot here so I stay inside too!!

Laurie said...

I'll make note of that for my 9 yr. old nephew that has taken up water colors. And beautifully! It's getting cooler here, hope it stays that way for awhile. Your paintings are awesome Sharon!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Lovely! Glad you enjoy those products.