Monday, December 19, 2011

To Wish You a Merry Christmas,Happy Holidays & a Joyous New Year!

I know I disappeared for awhile. Let me tell you do NOT
start a project for Christmas gifts that is unfamiliar to you.
I decided to make watercolor flower glass ornaments. I painted on these fragile 
glass pieces for 5 1/2 weeks. There was some ink involved and I used a "positively
permanent ink".... I finally reached  the glazing point, tired but excited... I lined them all 
up and began spraying. They were shiny and bright and then, are you sitting down...
they all started to run where the ink was. It was like watching everything melt and moosh together!
You do NOT want to know what I said ... no you don't. It was not nice or lady like in the 
least. DH can attest to this.... It has taken me days to come to terms with this disaster.
But I picked myself up, dusted myself off and have gone with a much more familiar project. 
Needless to say I have had to burn the candle at both ends to meet the deadline. But I did it.
So here I am to wish you all a jolly happy joyous holiday.
Enjoy family and friends, put your feet up and maybe read a good book.
It is time to remember what the holiday is really all about.
That is what I plan to do, plus take Teddy for fun nature hikes. He has been so good waiting for me to finish everything.
 Take care and I'll be back  after my short winters nap.
Ho ho ho and all that good stuff.
Photo is of the carousel at Seaside Oregon. I took it during our visit in Oct.


Merry said...

Oh Sharon, so sorry to hear that your project did not work. I hope you get to try it on a smaller scale in the New Year to fine tune it. Wishing you and your family and wonderful Christmas. I will be here in the New Year to see your wonderful Creations.

Laurie said...

Sharon, I can imagine how you felt! I've been there done that, and it's not good. Glad you recovered though, and are back in the spirit of the season. I want to go on that carousel!!

Pondside said...

Deep breath - or 20 or 30! I'd have been beside myself too. BIG sympathy from up here!

Colleen - the AmAzINg Mrs. B said...

Oh man! I think I wouid have fainted..or cried..or both! You are quite a trooper not to have just given up completely and hid under the covers!

Elizabeth said...

Oh Dear I am so very sorry !! I just hate it when that happens. In fact it just happened to me today. i worked most of the day to create swedish coffee bread for gifting. Yeast bread that needs to rise three times once after being filled with almond paste. the third rise just did not happen and it kept getting later and later and so I popped the loaves int he oven hoping that the warm oven would do the trick- not so much!! So now I have 8 little filled doorstops to give as gifts. well they are for the family and we will have to slice them so super thin. So tomorrow I go at it again. not nearly the time that you put in but so depressing!!!

UGHHH!!! It happens to the best of us wouldn't you say!!

Pearl said...

Oh Sharon I would have jumped off a bridge. I've been there before but not to this extent. Keep your chin up honey and have a great Christmas!!

Judy S. said...

Yikes! How annoying and maddening that must have been. Broavo to you for jumping in there with something else. Hope we can connect after the holidays. Have a Merry Christmas, Sharon!

Lorraine@creativedaily said...

Happy holidays Sharon. Wishing you a happy and creative 2012.

Gaby Bee said...

Wanted to send along some wishes for a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Gaby xo

alveen said...

Wishing you a very happy and joy filled Christmas Sharon.
I hope the adorable Teddy eats only doggie chocolate this year.
Hugs Alveen

baukje said...

What a disappointment for you!!!!!!! Wish you and your family a peaceful and happy Christmas

Zuzu said...

Oh no. Well, you did get everything together in time & I hope your Christmas was full of love & joy. Time to rest, play with Teddy, and enjoy life!!!
Wishing you & yours a Very Happy New Year, Sharon!!!

suziqu's thread works said...

Wishing you a much happier New Year Sharon and that you were able to recover enough to enjoy your Christmas - you poor darling such a disappointment right on top of Christmas when there is already enough things to worry about!
Now go and rest and leave it all behind you - it really doesn't matter in the end - really,

Marilyn Rock said...

I know that feeling of disappointment when you put so much of yourself into a project and it doesn't turn out as envisioned. I admire your patience and determination for trying a different approach. You are amazing but I knew that!

I hope you had a lovely holiday and look forward to more of your words and art in 2012. xxoo
PS Thank you for your visit to my Blog and leaving your supportive comment; I really appreciated you taking the time to do that.