Sunday, January 15, 2012

First Snow of the Year

This is the first snow for 2012.
This is just the first half hour and if it keeps up
we shall have a lot of snow.

You cannot even see the mountains behind the 
trees. I shall have to put apples and pears out for
the deer. Suet and feeders have waiting lines already.
I am tucked soundly away in my studio after a 
quick trip to the store for essentials. 
I have been working on the matchbox (botanical)
swap over on Milliandes. I can't show them until they are
mailed. But it is a fun swap. You can still join. Just go
Other than that I have been trying to organize my studio. I don't
think I am making much progress. I think of something I want to
try and the next thing you know I am sitting in the middle of a huge
mess just painting away. Teddy has even dragged his pillow
under my desk and has made a safe cubby for him to
observe from....
I seem to be taking on more projects than I have time for. 
Best laid plans and all that..... 
Oh well...
Hope to have something to show soon, but now I must find the snow shovel :-)


Pondside said...

We had our first snowfall on Friday night. The temperature has plummeted here to levels that are almost unheard of. It's -5C right now and headed lower. I'd like to hibernate for a month or so!

Snap said...

Stay warn. Cuddle up with Teddy! Busy fingers and happy fingers! :D :D

Merry said...

I hope you are still toasty warm in the studio. Wonderful photos you have shared. That matchbox swap sounds interesting.

Pearl said...

The snow is so pretty, and they say we will have some to in the next day or two. I hope so only because we need the moisture around this here desert. All I have to look forward too is taking care of my DL after surgery to her knee. She has needed it done for over a year so I'm glad she is finally doing it. I hope you have crafting happiness.

Marilyn Rock said...

Great photos. We haven't had our "real" first snowfall of season yet; we've been very fortunate. We have had coatings with rain. Today is reaching 40! I do like the snow.

Shirley said...

Enjoy your snow, I am hoping it would skip us this year after the last two years that we have had. So far this evening we have snow to the north of us and black ice to the south of us. I hope we don't get it. I will take snow over the ice. You can see it. Have a great weekend. Stay warm and safe. Your Missouri Friend.

Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful winter pictures. Enjoy your snow, here where I live it's raining cats and dogs:(