Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Last of EDiM.... I made it!

I am sad they eneded it with draw something your afraid 
and write about it. I think a happier note is called for.

I don't normally write about health issues  as I like 
fun happy things. But today I was taken to the Dr.
 because I could not walk on my left foot. The pain was bad.
After ex-rays they found no broken bones and decided
I was having an attack of gout. I said what?
 So I am home with crutches  and medicine sitting at the 
computer reading about this thing called gout.
Mmmmm I just  don't know.... I don't eat all the things
they say not to....  I don't eat fatty stuff,etc, etc etc!
So we will see. Just wish the pain would stop.
Anyway as they say " Stiff Upper Lip Deary'!


Createology said...

Sharon I am so sorry you are having pain and not able to walk. I don't know about gout but understand it is very painful. Healing Hugs and speedy complete recovery Dear...

Janet said...

Yikes...gout! My mom had a couple of bouts with that but it was a long time ago and I don't remember much about it. I hope your foot gets better soon.

I thoroughly agree about the thing you're afraid of. No snakes for me either!!

Barbra Joan said...

Oh Sharon, I am so sorry to hear your having pain.. and gout of all things. I'm convinced it doesn't matter what we eat.. we get what we get ! you get better ok? BJ

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Sharon:
My mum regularly suffers from gout and I know just how painful it must be for you. I'll say a prayer that you feel much better - soon!

I agree with you about snakes. I think it would have been better to end on a happier note, too.

Sending healing hugs.

Brynwood Needleworks said...

PS. I just went and looked at your Flickr album. Everything is wonderful! I'm in awe of your talent, my dear.

Debbie Nolan said...

Sharon - I am so sorry about your foot - my dad had gout - a great home remedy (might be worth a try ) cherry juice - I saved juice off of canned cherrie and gave it to my dad - I think it helped a bit - something about the acid in the cherries. Pray you will soon be better. God Bless - Love Debbie

Lorraine said...

From my understanding gout is very uncomfortable. More lovely sketches and watercolors.

Charmingdesigns said...

I signed up for Junes EDiJ. What fun!

Maggie R said...

you poor dear....i hope you are getting some relief by now...
Who knows what goes on in this miraculous object called the human body!!
You are in my thoughts..
I had a bit of a mystery myself with a stomache that felt like i ate razor blades!! They did every test and blood work possible and am now awaiting results from an extensive ultra sound!
I am able to get back to my work so for that I am thankful.
I do not like belonging to the "SICKNESS OF THE MONTH" club!! LOL
Praying for you and better days ahead..
Your work is absolutely beautiful..

Merry said...

Terrific drawings. I have to agree I think they should have finished on a cheerier note and I also agree with you and snakes.....not my thing at all. About the gout....a couple of years ago my big toes were so very sore and the knuckles on my hands. I visited my Natropath and she put me on a sugar and yeast free diet for six weeks and taking Barley Grass. Best thing I have ever done. The pain went but occasionally creeps up on me so I ease back on sugars and yeast a little and everything is good again. Hope you feel better soon.