Thursday, June 21, 2012

Flowers Around the Place

After heavy rains these are the survivors for today.
Marigolds and Love in a Mist (light blue).
Balloon Flower
Can't remember the name but it will take over.
I tossed some in our woods and now
 the floor is carpeted in these.
They have variegated leaves with lavender
splotches on them . The flowers are
bubble shaped before opening.
My prolific white Dogwood tree in the lower garden.
We lost a huge section of it in the ice storm in
January. But I think it's making up for that
with the flowers.
Well back to weeding. Have a sun filled  
weekend full of fun things.


suziqu's thread works said...

Hi Sharon
Love all of your garden images here.
Isn't Love in the Mist so very beautiful and it lasts on forever with its beautiful pod! I have it growing in a huge area of my garden here.
Love especially your Dogwood - it is looking so gorgeous despite the damage earlier on.
Have a lovely weekend in your beautiful garden. These days are special.
Love and hugs,

Pearl said...

Beautiful flowers! And I love your new music. Things are looking good your way, Hugs, Pearl

Pondside said...

Your garden looks a lot like mine right now. The Foxglove is gorgeous this year, and there are poppies everywhere. It was a great year for rhodos, too, and I am still dead-heading and waiting for some trees to finish blooming. The long, cool spring was a bother, but the plants loved it.

Diana said...

These are so lovely,Sharon, and I too love the music what is it? relaxing so nice.. take care,Diana

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I'm happy when weeds grow since there isn't much else that can survive the heat and dust. You are fortunate to be surrounded by so many beautiful flowers and so much greenery. Have a great weekend. Tammy

Susan said...

All so pretty but that balloon flower's color! Oh, stop my beating heart. Susan

Merry said...

Oh what colour you have in your garden. So beautiful. I have yellow marigolds just starting to flower...planted in a circle around my tomatoes to keep out the nematods (sp?).

Happy@Home said...

I'm visiting today by way of Tammy's blog.
Your garden looks absolutely beautiful and the music is lovely. I may never leave ;-).

Lorraine said...

Your dogwood tree is exquisite. Find it hard to believe with these prolific blooms that you lost a section.

Linda H said...

Great photos! I believe your second last photo is Lamium. And the one above it is Campanula, commonly known as Canterbury Bells or Harebells.... It does look a lot like Balloonflower....