Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Journal Making!

Have spent the last few days making journals.
I like spiral bound ones for working in as they
lay flat. (and I can cram a lot of stuff in them). 
The ones above I put on my Etsy.
But not to worry I have one or two 
made for myself. A girls gotta do what a 
girls gotta do. Right!
Wishing you all a Happy Fourth filled with good weather for everyone.


Snap said...

I always keep the first thing I make ... like crochet or knit ... and give the second/third etc away. The first one always has an error! :D :D But then, where I come from (in a past life!!!) the error lets the good spirit in! :D :D Yeah, I'm a nut!

Merry said...

Beautiful Sharon....really like how you put the print over your flowers.

Barbra Joan said...

Love 'em Sharon, and yes we do. BJ

Pearl said...

Beautiful day here and I'm enjoying your art journal. What great job you do Sharon. Hope the 4th is good for you to! Pearl

Monica said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely! I too am in journal-making-mode.;)
Hope your zinnias are blooming, ours are right now!
Big hugs, thinking of you often.

baukje said...

You are right you need to spoil yourself!!!!!!! LOVE it;

Debbie Nolan said...

Sharon - love your journals. Your art always makes me smile - it so cheerful. Thanks for sharing. Debbie