Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hike on John Wayne Iron Horse Trail

Yesterday was my sons birthday and the weather was gorgeous.
He wanted to hike so we joined him on the John Wayne Iron Horse Trail.
(I must confess I was terribly out of shape)
The parks dept. has done a beautiful job with 
this trail and the hike is in general and easy one
(for those you keep themselves in shape, hint Hint)
I plan on getting back into my walking regime.
I really was worried about the bears this summer.
Now they have left flyers showing a very large cougar
who has the appetite for domestic animals. They are trying
 to locate this fellow as they are worried for  small
children too. Our hot weather has brought out a lot
more animals this year. Normally they stay higher up.
But I digress. We had a fun hike, lovely dinner and spice
cake with vanilla bean ice cream.
Oh yes Teddy went on our hike and said it was a piece of cake.
When we got home he disappeared . Here's where I found him.
Yeah right Ted....
This morning I was very stiff but pushed myself out to
get these pictures of our Japanese Blood Good tree.
Yup Fall is here.
Better start putting the gardens to bed.
Have a beautiful day!


Connie said...

You reminded me of my trips to visit my daughter and granddaughters. For one thing they are so young and for the other is that they walk and ride bike everywhere they go. I love the exercise and really need to get more, but they totally wear me out, LOL. Thanks for sharing your hike, it did look like a lot of fun. Good fresh air, too. Have a great week, Connie :)

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - you live in a lovely spot. Your tree is outstanding. I bet you are a bit afraid to go hiking with bears and cougars. I know I would be. Teddy looks all tuckered out. Thanks for taking time to share a wonderful hike.