Monday, November 26, 2012

Trouble, trouble....

I can't upload any pictures. I have been busy
adding to my Etsy shop and thought I'd 
share with you, BUT they say I've reached 
my limit. What limit...? I didn't realize that 
my blog was connected to Picasa. I use photoshop 
and thought everything was stored there. I shall
return after this brain fog clears or 
someone comments with some
useful solution.


Sharon Whitley said...

I've had the same problem - take a look at my last 2 posts for the advice I've been given - I've decided to go through and reduce the size of my photos rather than pay for extra storage

Vee said...

If you Google Picasa and click on Web Albums, you'll find all of your folders right there. My best advice is to go through and delete all headers that you'll not use again because they are usually the largest. If you scroll to the bottom of the page right when you arrive, it'll give you the percentage of space you're using. You know I've blogged for over five years and have posted a lot of photos and have only used 42% of my space. Any photos under 800 by 800 don't even count toward your total so that's good news. Hope that this helps.

Connie said...

Well, I feel pretty silly . . . we already follow each other. I guess that I haven't been getting out and visiting enough. I can see why I already follow, your site is awesome.
I especially like your homemade journals. I have got to try my hand at that.
Happy crafting.
Your(most forgetful)blogging sister
Connie :)

Merry said...

Amazing you are second post this week that I have read about reaching the storage limit...are they doing a blitz. I hope you can fix this Sharon. I know that the other lady is going through and resizing all the photos she has posted and has since post some photos.