Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 24 of 30 Paintings in 30 Days The Crow

Watercolor, pen and ink
The Crow
I happen to love crows, yes crows. I think they are very smart.
I could  sit and watch them for hours.
One of the gals in my Friday posse group has a family of
crows she feeds every day. She has named them Ozzie and Harriet
and David and Ricky. They wait for her to bring them crackers
every morning. This is how I came to paint
 a crow today... I guess in honor of the Nelson family!
Good grief this 30 in 30 is getting to my brain.
Hang in there folks it's almost over.
Cloudy, foggy and a little rain.
A gray day for sure.


Pondside said...

You know I love crows too. My sister once had a neighbour who had a pet crow called Crowie - what a smart fellow he was. I love the crows and ravens around here and we often chat!

Laurie said...

We have a lot of crows here, Sharon, I think it's cute how your friend named them, and they've settled into a routine! Love yours!
It's so cold here, and lots of snow over the past couple days. Spring please!

Createology said...

I love your crow painting and how you are honoring the Nelson family. ;o) Today was beautiful and crazy weather but mostly sunny and warmer. Now we await more rain and snow? I shall be indoors tomorrow hosting the Chamber Visitor Center. Hope your weather clears...

Tammy said...

Crows are very, very, very smart! When we go to Sri Lanka, we watch them steal food off the plates of unsuspecting guests who make the mistake of getting up to go get something else from the breakfast buffet. HA!

Of course you can paint my sunrise photo. I'd love to see the results. Best wishes, Tammy

Connie said...

Hello Sharon, I love crows, too. A dear friend of mine, that is now living with the Lord, is the reason for my crow passion. Her passion rubbed off on me. Once we did this hat project. We started with a brown paper bag the diameter of our head. We rolled up the bag until we formed a hat with a nice fitting crown. Next we started embellishing . . . You never saw so many fun loving hats . . . we used feathers, pompoms, paint, glitter, veils, silk flowers, ribbons, and everything imaginable. When we were all getting done and ready for our soon to be fashion show and prizes for the best hats, Jackie excused herself . . . said she would be right back. Twenty minutes later she appeared wearing her hat and perched on top was a big black crow. It was wonderful. I have a photo and I have been going to do a painting, for years . . . I really need to do it. Jackie won first place, LOL.
Thanks for bringing this delightful memory back for me.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Barbra Joan said...

Nice painting Sharon... You could name him Edgar Allen ! or just Poe the Crow . LOL!

Vee said...

A splendid crow even if I do not love them. That's not quite true, I don't love their voices.

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I adore crows - love their different voices and all their antics. My friend has a crow that visits her house and sits in tree to "chat" - she named him Inky. I love love love that painting.

Pearl said...

Crows give me the hebie jeebies I guess I watch to much t.v. the remind me of death. hah sorry but they do. Yours is cute though. It's raining like crazy here and has warmed up. But not much. Your doing great! hugs, Pearl