Friday, January 18, 2013

Day17 Green Mussels and Red Coral

Dreaming of being somewhere warm. Maybe a 
return to a warm beach with clear blue water.
Dream on girl, dream on...............
Teddy wants to know if we are at day 30 yet.
We have rounded the bend Teddy.Just
hang in there a little longer.
To cold for a walk anyway.


Createology said...

Most of our snow has finally melted but it is still very cold. Teddy I would stay indoors and be warm and cozy. Maybe Teddy needs to do some paw printing with paints. :o)

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Ahhh warm beaches, warm sand, pretty flowers - I am ready for spring and summer. The painting is great, it does make me long for warmer times. I'm with Teddy, stay indoors and keep warm, though my day includes heading out to see if we can find the other Clydesdales our daughter told us about - and take pictures of them, hopefully it will warm up to 40 by the time we find them.

Vee said...

Oh delicious colors! I know that I said more on my comment this morning from my iPad, but I don't think it flew...