Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Taking a Class...

 After a disastrous week I decided to treat
myself to another online class taught by
Martha Lever.  This is my fourth or fifth
class I've taken from her and I love them all!
This one is called calligrafun. I suggest you buy
a ream of paper to practice on, if you take the
class. She is the most helpful teacher I know.
You can find her classes over at Creative Workshops.
She has some videos you can watch that tell what her classes
are all about.
I did have a bad week  because I had saved up for a rather
expensive printer for my watercolors. I was so 
excited when the huge printer arrived. DH and I worked
to set it up, to calibrate it and spent days trying to print 
with it. We worked with the manufacturer trying to get the 
colors right to no avail. So back it went. Sadly I am now back
to square one and somewhat deflated. Yes deflated.
But I decide to treat myself to a Martha class and that
seems to be helping. I can hear her sweet voice saying,
"practice, practice, practice!"


Pat Winter said...

Love your class results. That stinks about the printer return. I know the feeling. You will find one even better I'm sure.
Hugs to you and Teddy,

Martha Lever said...

Sharon you are so sweet and your CalligraFun looks fantastic!!!!!

Createology said...

Oh how fun your words are with the newest Martha class. Frustrating about your printer. A better one will come along. Happy Calligraing...

baukje said...

ARGHHHHHHHHH what frustration with that printer.
But your work is very good. And i love that word practice, I will say it to myself when I am quilting tonight because you also need practice to learn a good handquilting!!

Vee said...

That does look like fun; you're doing a great job with your practicing, it's always disappointing when something we had great hopes for doesn't work out. Hope that you find what you're looking for in printers.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the printer, I hate mechanical and technical problems, I go absolutely insane!!!

Love, love, love the lettering!!!!! I've always wanted to do that, I'll check out the workshop. You are really good at it!

Hope you have a better week.
Loves from The Queen

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Those things can be so frustrating - especially after waiting for something to arrive. I love your class samples - I might look into those classes.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Sorry to hear about the printer. The one we've had for a couple of years needs ink and I think the dust has gotten to it so doesn't print as it used to. We also got a free one when hubby bought something at the electronics store but haven't even taken it out of the box to see if it works. Have fun with the class. Take care, Tammy

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - your art calligraphy is simply super. I so want to take one of Martha's classes online - I just haven't found enough time but this looks like a must.
So sorry for your printer situation. Maybe there is something better waiting for you out there in the wings. Hope so friend. Have a great week-end.

Jane said...

Sometimes we just have to stop down from the train and wait .... as somebody said, 'tomorrow is another day ' :-) Looks awesome a calligraphy class, that's something I would love to do too !

Judy S. said...

Sharon, you are SO talented! I love to see what you're up to. Sorry about the printer; technology can make you nuts, that's for sure!

Marilyn Rock said...

I do love your class results! I was sorry to read about your printer woes; technology! When things work, they are wonderful, but when things go wrong - so exasperating. Hang in there; glad the class helped lift your spirits.

Merry said...

Sorry to hear about the printer hassles hope there is a solution. That writing certainly looks like fun.