Monday, May 13, 2013

EDIM for the 13th and Mother's Day

A pillow I made years ago from quilting
scraps, for a friend.
Mother's Day was wonderful. My son took me to
 breakfast and then we headed for Seattle for 
some fun. Dick Blick's was on the menu where we
found Jimi Hendrix outside.
A great sculpture. So detailed.
After shopping for beloved art supplies we
headed to Volunteer Park, hopefully to 
Such a gorgeous walk under these magnificent trees.
We were anxious to go inside... but as we came up
to the door we saw it was closed at 4PM. WHAT
4PM on Mother's Day. There were several others 
there thinking and saying the same thing.
But we were not to be deterred ... so we took 
pictures through the windows.LOL
What I won't do to bring these pictures
to you guys....LOL 
Walking back ,here are a few of the garden plants
and statues.

And finally the water tower.
I know, I know lots of photos but it was just so 
gorgeous and the weather held.
We had dinner at Araya's in Seattle. Yummy!
It started to rain as we drove home but that was OK.
The plants needed it. 
It was a great day!


Debbie Nolan said...

Sharon - sounds like you had the perfect Mother's Day. Your son looks so handsome. To think you shopped for art supplies too. Glad you had a great day.

Snap said...

Beautiful weather, a nice dinner with your son and a visit to Dick Blick .... sounds pretty close to perfect to me!

Vee said...

I enjoyed seeing all the photos and those taken through the windows made me grin. So glad that you had a happy Mother's Day! Your son is a peach.

Createology said...

Such a lovely Mother and Son photo. A good day all around. Love seeing all the flora and fauna. Creative Hearts...

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

A wonderful day - and wonderful photos - the flowers are so pretty. I'm surprised too that they closed in a day when people would be treating their mothers to a lovely flower trek.

Laurie said...

What a fun time Sharon, beautiful photo ops!

Judy S. said...

Dick Blick, that's a great place, I hear. Did you climb the water tower?
Glad you had such a good day; the weather has been amazing, hasn't it?

baukje said...

That sounds like a perfect Mother's day. And what a handsome and sweet son you have !
Hope the dizziness is gone.....

Janet said...

Looks like you had a fantastic day! Your photos of the park are beautiful.

Merry said...

What a fantastic day you had. Beautiful flowers.