Monday, May 20, 2013

EDIM for May 19th and 20th

 When I was in Tucson I 
"re-fell in love"
with Turquoise and silver. 
I bought a ring at a museum  and love it.
Then I spotted this wonderful cuff at a 
jewelry store, but it will have to wait......
Today looks to be sunny (I hope) so 
I'll have to brew up some of this. It is a
favorite, especially when the temperatures rise.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I spent
 my time with Ina Garten the cook. I should say
I spent my time with her cookbook in my kitchen.
I am trying a new recipe each week. This week it
was a yummy  blueberry, raspberry tart with a 
pastry cream filling. No calories there...HA!
But my favorite still remains her
French Apple Tart.
I am waiting for the sun to come out 
so I can get out to  "weed". 


JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Wonderful drawings. We had a little sun this afternoon and now it is cloudy and cool and smells of rain - drat.

Createology said...

Ahh this time of year I am treating myself to weeding. Then I can eat some of Ina's delicious treats...if only I had them. I have made her triple chocolate cake...twice...and it is Mr. C's very favorite all time dessert. Love Silver and Turquoise too. Great daily drawings dear...

baukje said...

We are already waiting for DAYS for the sun, weather is horrible here, rain and rain.
I love your paintings and maybe the bracelet will be your's day!

Anonymous said...

You are a busy (and creative) girl!!! Can I come over to taste your experiments? Yum.
Loves from The Queen

Merry said...

Beautiful taste in jewelry. Sounds like some yummy recipes.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - your drawings are great...I will be right over for that tart - sounds wonderful and I don't care about those calories (LOL). Have a great week-end.

Jane said...

Lovely and fresh drawings, Sharon . Your tarts sounds VERY inviting !! The same thing happened to me when in Tucson ( many years ago)...I fell in love with silver and turquoise :-)) Must be some virus there lol . Thank you for you comment on 'The little Girl and the Moon' sweet , will always imagine you now when I look at this painting.