Sunday, January 26, 2014

Late to the party but giving it a try...

 I was looking around at blogs a few days ago and
I came upon The Documented Life Project. Of
course it started a few weeks ago so  am 
late to the party but thought it would be fun to try.
 Each week you are given a prompt of what to do
in your journal. Funny I had already purchased the 
journal they suggested. So I spent some time getting
it together .

Take a picture of your front door ,etc. week 1
week 2 take photo of yourself (selfie)
week3 use an envelope in your art
week 4
write a secret message, paint over it leaving
one key word showing.

OK I didn't have much time to play catch up but
I am having fun. Now I have a week to do week 5,
which is add a doodle border.

Confused? To read more about this project
you need to go here. They can explain it way better
than I can. Come and join in, it's a great excuse to
be in your studio, art table, wherever!
Week 5 Add A doodle border. I better get going!


wendy said...

What a neat project! will have to check it out. Love everything you came up with!

Judy S. said...

Sounds like a fun project!

baukje said...

Great idea for a project, but i already ahve so many projects.........but i shall follow yours!

Anonymous said...

That's a unique idea for journaling! Love what you have done so far, hope you keep showing us updates.
Loves from The Queen

Terri Kahrs said...

Your pages are wonderful, Sharon!!! I'm sooo happy that you decided to join the project. I love them all and can't wait to see how your year unfolds!!! Thank you, too, for your lovely comment. It always makes me happy to hear from old friends! Warm Hugs, Terri ♥

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

It looks like you are having a great time - can't wait to see more.

Vee said...

Really intriguing project that would so appeal to a creative person such as yourself!

Createology said...

I love that you are participating in this fabulous project. I was going to do it but thought it too "trendy". How silly I am. With seeing your fabulous pages I want to get busy and catch up. I am always late but manage to catch up in the end. Creative Bliss Dear...

Merry said...

You always find the most amazing projects to do. I can;t wait to see this each week Sharon. All your pages so far are such fun and wonderful.

Barbara Lilian said...

Love your journal, it looks like a fun idea. maybe what I need to join to MAKE me get going ,I'm always saying I am going to do it, well I AM just off to check it out I know I'm late but I could do it just for myself. Thanks Sharon I love seeing what you do.