Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Watercolor Cards

 Something bright and cheery!

We finally have a little rain which my garden so needed.
So my zinnias will be bright and colorful. 

Blackberries are everywhere and I don't like to think
about the chore of weeding them out near the house.
But if I don't want the bears to join me for dinner
it has to be done. At least I can snack as I weed.
Have a great day!


Vee said...

Bears near the house? Accckkkk. Ever considered transplanting them? The cards are very pretty...I like the script one.

Merry said...

Hi Sharon, I have finally found a little time to catch up on your beautiful artwork. The flowers are just wonderful. What a yummy way to garden. I hope you do get rid of the Blackberry's and have not Bear visitors.

Createology said...

Seeing your lovely watercolored flowers makes me very happy. I am so glad to be home and reading my favorite blogs again. Summer Sparkles and Creative Bliss...