Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Farmers Market, Fireworks and Evening Grosbeaks

Thursday evenings are North Bends
Farmers Markets and there is always
good things to get.

Then we had the Festival at Mt. Si
this last weekend complete with fireworks.

They were beautiful. I was worried they would not have 
them due to the fire danger. But they did and there was no problem.

And yesterday the Evening Grosbeaks arrived and put on
quite a show.

They flew back and forth quickly in and out of the pines'
landing for short times in the yard. They were to fast moving
to get any good pictures. They  all sang like a choir and  it was
so enjoyable. I hope they visit again soon.

It rained last night and a little this morning.
We sure needed it so I thanked the rain gods for sending
it our way. I hope eastern WA got some as the fires continue there. 


Pondside said...

I hope the rest of your state gets some much-needed rain. The northern interior part of our province is still in extreme danger. I was so thankful for the rain we got overnight. Glad you got some too!

Createology said...

I do hope the fires got rain to put them out. We are still totally dry here. All around us got rain but not here. I enjoy the Farmer's Markets we have here. Love your drawings. The Grosbeaks must be magical. Power Drink Healthy Bliss...

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So awful to know that fires continue. Love farmer's markets. Our market will start here again in November when things cool off a bit. High of 117 expected today. So nice that the birds came to serenade you. :) Always lovely to see your drawings. Have a great day. Tammy

Annette G said...

Love your drawings Sharon. Annette x

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - those veggies look good enough to eat. The Farmer's markets are always a treat to visit.
We don't seem to see Grosbeaks here. So glad you got rain...hoping all of the state gets some. I will keep looking up! Have a lovely week-end.

baukje said...

Oh Sharon, i was so absent these days i feel so sorry. But i was not quite well for weeks and weeks, feeling much betetr now. Your paintings are great as usuall. Keep in contact.

Diana said...

Love these paintings Sharon, this is a beautiful post. love,Diana

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

I only saw a flock of grosbeaks one time - they were fabulous. Love your painting of one.

We are having a bit more rain - it is pounding down right now - just after I put the last 6 kitchen cabinet doors out on the deck to begin priming them tomorrow - they are back indoors drying off. Hopefully the sun returns - I need to finish painting.

Pearl said...

We did get swamped with rain 2 days ago and it was wonderful. The fires have been crazy though. You look like you had some fun, it's always nice to see fire works. Keep on creating and I'll see you soon. Love, Pearl

Merry said...

What wonderful shading on your artwork. Those certainly sound like busy little birds and your power drink sounds yum.