Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Crazy Weather and Dogs

It was raining when I went to bed.

I guess I'll be staying home. Maybe will start my
declutter project. I shall approach  this project 
with great trepidation. Who knows what I
might discover. But it must be done.
Therefore I shall carry on.

On another subject I came across these pictures
I thought you might like. Look how the lads have

They are still joined together in everything they do.
I am so happy I have them in my life.


Barbara Lilian said...

Great time to declutter when the snow is on the ground. Be ruthless , that's what I'm planning this winter, but some how when I'm ready to take the things to the dump, I end up putting some things back, just in case I might need it, or sometimes I think that jar looks really pretty, it would make a nice vase for some wild flowers. So I guess you realise I am not a very serious de-clutterer . (for want of a better word ) How your little furry friends have grown, they look adorable.

Createology said...

That is quite a lot of snow for overnight. We are having steady rain since mid last night. We have at least 3 inches by now. I am thankful there is snow falling further up the hill at the ski resorts. I am happy to stay home and do my de-cluttering. Five things every day and so far I am doing really well. Of course I am counting each and every hanger to equal five. A girl has to ease into this purging of stuff. Enjoy your treasure hunting and stay warm and dry...

Shirley said...

Hi Sharon, Our last snow which we are lucky that wasn't as much as predicted started off rain, sleet, then snow. I haven't tried my new car in snow. If it is bad, I just stay home. Your puppies are so cute. The wet snow on the trees make for a pretty picture. Take care. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Snap said...

Happy New Year! Your little lads are so cute! I'm sure you make them happy, too! The snow is pretty. Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

That is beautiful, as long as you can stay in! De-clutter is a fun thing for me (I know, sad, isn't it?)!! We are having new floors installed on entire main level so everything except big furniture had to be moved to garage. You never know how much sh** you have until you have to move it all! Lordy, things I forgot I had, unloading pieces that will be moved. And dusty? Lamp cords and stuff were filthy behind dressers. I guess my cleaning lady and I aren't very good housekeepers! Plus they are pulling out carpet and hardwood floors, which isn't too bad, except noisy. But first day they had to jack-hammer marble out from entry. That super-fine marble dust is EVERYWHERE!!! I'm going to have to vacuum and wash walls and everything when done. Lots of deep cleaning coming up! Luckily, we have been living in lower level while all this is going on. I did not expect it to be this messy and for some reason, I assumed it would take a week maybe. Nope, FOUR weeks! Lord have mercy on my impatient soul.....

Those pups are absolutely adorable. I want to squeeze them and kiss them! Are they love bugs??

Loves from The Queen

susan said...

Do what I do and set a timer everyday for 10 - 30 minutes and focus on decluttering one area. It doesn't sound like much time, but you'd be amazed at what you can accomplish in these spurts. And you don't feel overwhelmed.

Merry said...

Your boys are still adorable and look like you could just cuddle them all day. Such amazing scenery outside of your window. I hope your decluttering is going well. Even though it is mid summer here I am spring cleaning. :-) I am off work until the 21st January so want the house done by then. Three rooms done and a billion to go. So nice to see the clean gleam and no that the daddy long legs have been moved on. Take care.

Judy S. said...

Happy New Year, Sharon. No snow here but lots of black ice the past couple of mornings. Your dogs are adorable!

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharon - from the looks of things staying home sounds like a wise choice. Oh those boys of yours are just too sweet. How much they change in such a short time. I am so glad you have them too. Keep warm and safe friend and if you must declutter be sure to take a break and enjoy your two sweeties. Hugs!

Lin from A {tiny} Cottage In The Woods said...

Hello Sharon!

So WONDERFUL to here from you!

I had stopped blogging for about a year, and during that time someone else started using my old URL, so I had to start over with a new blog & url. I lost track of so many friends and am delighted that you found me again!

Your snow looks beautiful. I love this time of year. Time to reflect, make new plans, and get organized.

I look forward to following along... I've added your blog to my sidebar.

Big Hugs,

Wendy Barrett said...

Oh Sharon, the snowy scenes in your last two post are surreally beautiful! They are straight out of a fairy tale and/or a Christmas card and look too pretty to be real. In contrast we have hot weather and I am making the most of it with lots of beach walks and swims.
Your dogs are adorable.
I hope you enjoyed de-cluttering as well as soaking up the cosiness of being inside with scenes like that outside your window!

Pondside said...

Did the de-cluttering take place? Inquiring minds need to know! I could use some inspiration on that front.
We've had no snow in our part of the northwest. There could be some yet, but I think we'll have another year like the last with lots of green and no white.