Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pacific Northwest Quiltfest

I spent Saturday with my friend Cathy at the Pacific Northwest Quiltfest at the Seattle convention center. It was a rainy day outside, but the sun was sure shining inside. What wonderful quilts. So many and so little time!! The quilt that won me over came from Medicine Hat Canada, by Fran Lauzon was called, " I Thought I Saw a Blue Cow." I cannot get that quilt out of my mind. It got my vote! All the quilts were fantastic and inspiring. I hope to get some photos on site soon.
There were some amazing vendors at the show too. A gal named Ginny Eckley was showing how to silk screen her designs, using dye and shaving cream. Her work is beautiful. I spent all of my mad money so I best get creating....
A few garden shots to brighten up my site.

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