Monday, August 25, 2008

Crazy quilt wall hanging and camping out with the bear!

Had fun creating a crazy quilt wall hanging , using the babies birth announcement. I sewed it to a satin stuffed hanger with little pearls, for easy hanging. It was a fun project and the parents loved it. A small treasure for the child to have when she gets older. Click on photo for close up.

I do believe Fall is coming early. I hope not, but we have had so much rain. We are getting ready for a family get together. Everyone is coming for my father in laws 90Th birthday. He runs circles around all of us. Anyway everyone is starting to arrive Wednesday and we are planning for some to camp out on the property. We have 9 acres with creeks and ponds, woods and pastures. But we had a bear visit 2 nights ago so I feel camping close to the house in the fenced area will be safer. Last year we caught a bear that decided he liked living on our lawn furniture and wandering about the yard as though he owned the place. So the rangers set a trap and filled it with "KRISPY CREAM " doughnuts. He seemed to like them very much. They moved him north to Monroe and over the cascades to the east. They did not take him to Snoqualmie Pass only 25 minutes away, because they told me he would be back in 14 days. So is the life of a crazy quilter living in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. :-) Let the party begin and pray for sunshine!!!!!!! Click on photo for close up.
Sorry the bear will not allow close ups!!!!!!


Pat Winter said...

Hey! They could have caught me with those Krispy Kremes too!!! Just beautiful scenic photos. Autumn will be so colorful and you have a wonderful place to view it first hand. Your CQ is so pretty and delicate. Very sweet.

Pat Winter said...

Beautiful scene. Cute bear! Go to my blog and get your award!!!

Viola said...

Hi Sharon, your CQ looks so gorgeous!
Wonderful piece! And thank you so much for your kind words! Have a great day! :o)

Jan said...

Your baby quilt is sopretty and delicate. Love it!

Barb said...

This is so beautiful.
Love the delicate colors and all that stitching you do.

barbara jean