Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Bear Was A No Show!

Well I must say we have had a busy fun filled week of celebrating my father in laws 90th birthday. We had a few sunny days and I was glad because some camped out. The bear was a no show. I think he thought better of it when he saw our group of merry celebraters. The tents may have been a clue. We also had a great time going into Seattle for a boat tour of Lake Union.
The boat is the ice cream boat. Need I say more. We had sunshine and a great captain who kept us all informed of the history of the area.

The next day was the Watershed tour. Water was the right word. Not only did we tour the lakes and waterfalls that supply the water for Seattle, it poured rain on all of us. :-( Kind of sad because you need to go through the hoops to get into the watershed these days. But we prevailed. It really is beautiful in there. So quiet and peaceful. The rain made it almost magical. Cold but magical. The moss growing on the trees (sorry about the raindrops on the camera) was very long considering it is still summer.

The next day we were blessed with sunshine and people had a chance to thaw out. We went to Camano Island in Puget Sound for a day of reminiscing for dad and the kids as they used to stay at Cama Beach. They have restored the old cabins to what they were like back in the forties. You really feel like you have gone back in time. So fun was had by all and I shall leave you tonight with a picture of a sundial the original owners had. How true it is! It's inscribed, I RECORD ONLY THE HAPPY HOURS. LR Roy Stradley Founder of Cama Beach

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