Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I've Been Tagged....

I have been tagged by Elizabeth Golden. She has a very interesting blog . You can find it at .If you go there , you should plan on spending some time there. You know, milk and cookie time. OK! The rules are that list 6 obscure or unknown facts about yourself, then tag six other people. You let these people know by listing them and their blogs on your blog, then emailing them, then they tag six more people and they put your blog on their blog, and the gift keeps giving. Oh my goodness did you all get that,whew!!! SOOOO here are my six unknown or obscure facts about me:
1.Roasted chestnuts are my downfall.
2.I love to explore ghost towns.My imagination goes through the roof about what happened there.
3. I am very shy about my art.
4.Sea glass is like the jewels of the ocean. I love to search for these tiny treasures.
5.I am not a vegetarian, but I could live on vegetables.
6. I like to dance in my pj's before I get dressed in the morning. LOL ( I can hear you)!
Now for your enjoyment here are 6 people, I am tagging:
1.Larna Ezzy is a delightful Australian who teaches stitching. Oh I wished I lived closer. Her blog, .
2.Sherry Wade is a crazy quilter and a animal lover. What more could you ask for. Her blog, .
3. Lilla Levine lives in one of my favorite places, Hawaii. She is very versatile artist. I have secretly loved her purses for years. Her blog, .
4.Amy Munson has so many projects ,all very interesting. I am envious of her retreat with Laura Wasilowski. Look at her old church photos and her dragonfly. Her blog.
5.Gail Schmidt has a very informative blog. Her challenges are so much fun. I was scared to enter, but got the courage up and came in second. Surprised me to say the least. Her tutorials are great. Check her out at .
6. and last but certainly not least the gal who got me started in all this,blogging, crazy quilting,shopping (you know what I mean Pat) etc. is Pat Winter. Her blog is delightful. A day without Pats blog is well a day without sunshine. Not only is her blog great check out her crazy quilting. The BEST. You will find her at .

So there you have it, sorry to be so long winded, but have fun exploring all these great blogs!


Mind Wide Open said...

Thank you Sharon! How sweet of you! I'm so glad you got "un-scared" and joined the fun. ;-)

Larna Ezzy said...

Sharon, Thankyou so much for the tag. And thankyou for explaining it to me as I am a first timer. I love your treasure box your making. I actually had a similar idea for my daughter to hold keepsakes from the wedding.
I will work on my tag list. Thanks again.
Cheers Larna

Sharon said...

Larna you are most welcome and it was a first for me too. It's so much fun to see all the interesting blogs. I bet the wedding was beautiful. Hope you had a hanky ready. It's a mothers privilege. Sharon

Sharon said...

Miss Gail, You Too are most welcome. I am a avid reader of your blog. Gleefully Sharon

Larna Ezzy said...

Sharon, the wedding was great and yes I had plenty of hankies on hand. I will be posting some photos of the bride soon.
Cheers Larna

Pat Winter said...

LOL! I have no idea what you mean Sharon....:-0 Moi?????
Thanks for the tag.Your blog is very enjoyable...glad you took the plunge!

Sharon said...

Pat,Hugs right back at you little Miss Innocent!!!