Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some little ornaments

With the weather we are having, I have been secluding myself in my little studio with Teddy at my feet. He actually makes a very fine foot warmer. I am most concerned for the people in the valley living near the Snoqualmie river. They say we may flood like we did in the 90's which was very bad. I keep hoping the rain will let up for those people or it will be devastating. I live high up so no worries there as long as the winds don't get bad. That's when the trees come down. Anyway we are snug in the studio making great progress on new and unfinished projects. Should have two purses done today. Made up some cute ornaments after reading CQ. Just had to give them a try.I think they turned out delightful and will look great on the tree. I used colorful different materials, not Christmas fabrics so that I could have them "hanging around" all year. Not just for the holidays if one so desired. Well I'm off to check our creek and then a nice cup of herb tea from a wonderful little health food store in Seattle. It has beautiful flowers floating in it. Yes I strain it in my little french press , before drinking.LOL It sounds funny but this tea is beautiful while it steeps. The radio just said we are in stage 4 flood alert, so off I go to check the creek. Time to make my own sunshine!


Carolina Gonzalez said...

Lovely ornaments, Sharon! Your choices for colours and textures are always so delectable!

Sharon said...

Carolina, You are always so nice with your comments. Thanks,Sharon

Abbie said...

Hi Sharon,
your ornaments are lovely!! i am a huge fan of quilting, and stitch work. Putting the link on as we speak! (or should I say, as I type..)