Saturday, November 15, 2008

A special reward!

I received this very special reward from Pat Winter. I think Angell was involved in her decision. LOL our pups are something else! Thank you Pat, it means a great deal coming from you. Now I guess I am to send this on to 4 blogging friends and one new one. This is so hard as there are so many special and exciting blogs that I visit and so many I have yet to see. So here goes in no particular order.

1. Hideko Ishida at . She is very talented and her stitching is perfection to say the least.

2. Anne Gaihbaud at stitchen fingers and at . A very creative and a wonderfully happy person. I love hearing from her.

3.Carolina Gonzales at . She is a very mystical lady who loves vivid colors. Her work has an excitement about it.

4. Christine McKenna at This lady has a very fun personality and she saved me from dusting. (Don't even ask!!!!)

AND #5. While cruising around different blogs I came upon Sandra Evertson's blog. How delightful it is. And very informative. Enjoy it at

So there you go, have fun enjoying the diverse and interesting blogs. I must go now and rack leaves with Teddy. ( that means play time!!!)


Carolina Gonzalez said...

Thanks so much Sharon!!! You're too sweet!

Anonymous said...

waouh, Sharon, you are too kind.
And I visit the links lately.
I like the use of the painted lace in some of your blocks.
do you use it often?
Because, A friend give me some samplers laces of Haute- couture. It will ve christmas, I offer you some (only that it will go in an enveloppe...........)
Warm regards from Anne