Friday, December 26, 2008

It is still snowing here in the foothills

Looking down on Teddy making his way to the house!
We put his red sweater on so we could find him. When
he gets cold he just stops and since the snow is now higher than him, we need that sweater! LOL

A walk after dark down by the pond. The snow was at least 3 feet. It was so beautiful and quiet. We could hear branches snapping, meaning the deer or elk were coming for water, but never saw them. Just their tracks the next morning. Walking was very difficult, but good for calorie burning.

Have been trying to shovel our decks as the snow is at least 3 feet and heavy. When the rains come it could be overload if we have not shoveled. Can't even see the Mtns through all the snow. I just put on soothing music, curl up and stitch away and look at the snow. Natures gift that just seems to keep on giving. Shall have to shovel more tomorrow.

Our son had to get back to Seattle, so spent the morning on the tractor cutting a path for the car to get through. We were able to get him down to his vehicle, which he left below us and on his way. Now we are back in the snowy wonderland. I love it. It is a wonderful time to reflect and somewhat plan the future. Oh yes, we thought we had a perfect way to keep Teddy away from the gifts. The train! It sort of worked. We would hear the train fall off the track and my final photo tells it all...... Who me...!

I hope you all had a joyous holiday!


Elizabeth said...

Sharon!! the snow is sooo beautiful. I love going for walks in the quiet of the snowfall. Your pictures have ttransported me!! Teddy is a hoot- such personality- looks like his present opening was foiled!!!! Great pictures and the sweater is a definate MUST HAVE !!!
Hugs !

Talking Horses Arts said...

Seems you have even more snow then we do!
My chihuahua disappears totally, sweater or not in the snow here.
But it's fun, when the seasons really still are seasons, is it not?

Sharon said...

Girls, It is now Sunday. DH can drive his big suburban out, but my Honda is to low to the ground. 2 more days and I am out, I hope. LOL

Beth L said...

look at that face...he is adorable! My cat Flossie has "accidentally" knocked the train off the tracks too many times and it won't go around any more! Now she just stares at it (sitting there, crippled) with a mean look on her face!
I love that the red sweater has been necessary so you don't lose him...too cute!
Hope everything's getting back to normal now with the warming's a slushy mess isn't it?!

Sharon said...

Beth, It actually started to snow today and I had to put a stop to it!!!! I need supplies (art supplies, not food) and to get to the PO. I hear there was sun in Seattle. Ufda, I may have to move....